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BPSH -- Border Patrol Sector Headquarters BRP -- Backlog Reduction Plan (Naturalization) BSC -- Baltimore Service Center (telephones)


CADRE -- Computer Assisted Detection and Reports Enhancement System CAO -- Center Adjudications Officer CAP -- Citizens Advisory Panel CAP -- Contracting and Procurement CAP -- Cuban Adjustment Program CATI -- Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing CATS -- Consolidate Asset Tracking System CAWG -- Control Authorities Working Group CBOs -- Community-Based Organizations CBIC -- Canadian Border Intelligence Center CBT -- Computer-Based Training CCATTS -- Correspondence Control and Task Tracking System CFOA -- Chief Financial Officers Act CFR -- Code of Federal Regulations CI -- Criminal Investigator; Cooperating Individual; Confidential Informant CIC -- Crime Information Center CIJ -- Chief Immigration Judge CIMT -- Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude CIPRIS -- Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students, now SEVP CIPS -- Combined Immigration and Public Health Inspection Procedure CIR -- Commission on Immigration Reform CIRP -- Computer Incident Response Program CIS -- Central Index System CLAIMS -- Computer Linked Application Information Management Systems COLA -- Cost of living allowance COTR -- Contracting Officer Technical Representative COTS -- jail management, hotel and airline reservation software CPA -- Chief Patrol Agent CPS -- Current Population Survey (Census) CR -- Contact Representative CRO -- Central Region Office (Dallas) CSC -- California Service Center (Laguna Niguel) CSPM -- Computer Security Program Manager CSR -- Customer Service Representative (IRM - Computer) CSSO -- Computer Systems Security Officer CTRS -- Critical Transaction Reporting System CUSA -- Citizenship U.S.A. C&TS -- Computer & Telecommunications System


D&D -- Detention and Deportation DACS -- Deportable Alien Control System DAO -- District Adjudication Officer; or Deputy Adjudications Officer DAS -- Duty Assignment Sheet (Border Patrol) DBM -- Distributed Budget Module DCL -- Dedicated Commuter Lane DCM -- Deputy Chief of Mission DCOS -- Debt Collection System DCPA -- Deputy Chief Patrol Agent

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