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DD -- District Director DDD -- Deputy District Director DDOS -- Detention and Deportation Optimization System DDP -- Detention and Deportation Program DED -- Deferred Enforced Departure DEO -- Detention Enforcement Officer DFS -- Designated Fingerprint Service DIAS -- Directives and Instructions Access System DMS -- Detention Management System DO -- District Office; or Deportation Officer DOE -- Date of Entry DOL -- Department of Labor DOS -- Department of State


EAC -- Executive Associate Commissioner EAD -- Employment Authorization Document EFOIA -- Electronic Freedom of Information Act initiative ELR -- Employee Labor Relations ENFORCE -- Enforcement Case Tracking System EOD -- Entrance On Duty EOIR – Executive Office for Immigration Review EPIC – El Paso Intelligence Center ER -- Expedited Removal ERO -- Eastern Region Office (Burlington, VT) ETC -- Eastern Telephone Center EVD -- Extended Voluntary Departure EVP -- Employment Verification Pilot EVRP -- Encrypted Voice Radio Program EWI -- Entry Without Inspection


FAAS -- Foreign Affairs Administrative Support System FACS -- Financial Accounting and Control System FARES -- Fees and Applications Receipt and Entry System FCC -- Fingerprint Clearance Coordination Center FCO -- Files Control Office FD-258 -- Fingerprint Card FDL -- Forensic Document Laboratory FEHBP -- Federal Employees Health Benefits Program FEPA -- Federal Employee Pay Act FEPCA -- Federal Employee Pay Comparability Act, 1990 FEGLI -- Federal Employees Group Life Insurance FFMS -- Federal Financial Management System (will replace FACS) FIPS -- FOIA/PA Information Processing System FLIR -- Forward-Looking Infrared FLETC -- Federal Law Enforcement Training Center FLRA -- Fair Labor Relation Authority FLSA -- Fair Labor Standard Act FOIA/PA -- Freedom of Information Act/ Privacy Act FOS/HM -- Field Operations Support & Hardware Maintenance FRC -- Federal Records Centers FSIP -- Federal Service Impasse Panel FTE -- Full-Time Equivalent

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