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Instructions for Completing the Form HSMV 82101

Section 1 – Type of Application

  • Vehicle/vessel duplicate – This box indicates you want to order a replacement title. Also, check the appropriate box

indicating lost, stolen or damaged. A fee is required for this type of application.

  • Vehicle/vessel lost in transit – This box indicates you have ordered a title and at least 20 days have passed and you have not received the title. No fee is required if the application is made within 180 days of the last title issuance which was lost in the mail. Fees are charged for duplicates or lost in transit requests after more than 180 days from the previous issuance.

Vehicle/vessel duplicate with transfer – This box should be checked if you need to order a duplicate title and immediately transfer it to another owner. Both parties must be present and have photo identification. A power of attorney may not be used, except when a total loss from an insurance company is being paid.

Address Change Directions – For an individual owner or lienholder, if the address differs from the address on the department’s record, one of the following must be submitted:

  • o

    Driver license

    • o

      Paid receipt for utility or telephone service

    • o

      Proof of homestead exemption

    • o

      Paid contract or turn-on order for utility service

    • o

      Rental or lease contract agreement

    • o

      Current year motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel certificate of registration

    • o

      Copy of insurance policy for motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel

    • o

      Other documentary evidence that provides independent proof of address change

Section 2 – Application for Duplicate is made by: Check the appropriate box to indicate who is applying for the duplicate. Provide name, address and, if you are a dealer, provide your dealer license number.

Section 3 – Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel Description: Complete all applicable information. The purchaser must provide a license plate or vehicle registration number if you are requesting a duplicate with transfer unless the vehicle or vessel will not be operated on Florida highways or waterways. If the vehicle or vessel will not be operated on Florida highways or waterways, the box in section 6 must be checked stating such.

Section 4 – Vehicle Usage/Brands: Check the appropriate box to indicate how the vehicle will be used. If the vehicle is your personal vehicle, private use should be checked.

Section 5 – Lienholder Information: If there is no lienholder, the word none should be indicated in the first box. If a lien is being added to the record at the time the application is submitted, all information should be completed.

Section 6 – Application Attestment/Signatures and Odometer Declarations/Disclosures: Check the box to indicate whether the vehicle has a five or six-digit odometer and enter the odometer reading from the vehicle. The vehicle is exempt from the odometer requirement if it is 10 years old or older.

  • Enter the odometer reading from the motor vehicle, unless the motor vehicle is exempt from the odometer requirement. If there is any reason to doubt the odometer reading does not accurately reflect “actual” mileage, check the box to indicate “not actual mileage.” If the vehicle has more than 99,999 on the odometer reading and it is a 5-digit odometer, the box “in excess of mechanical limits” must be checked.

  • If a duplicate with transfer is requested, enter the date of sale and the selling price. The appropriate box indicating the type of transaction must also be checked. If the vehicle/vessel will not be operated on Florida highways or waterways, the box must be checked.

  • The appropriate customer(s) must sign and print their names in the spaces provided.

Fees and Addresses:

Fees are located on our website (http://www.flhsmv.gov/hsmvdocs/Fees-01.pdf). Addresses for all Florida county tax collectors’ offices are located on our website at: (www.flhsmv.gov/offices). Some county agencies offer a fast title service for an additional fee.


HSMV 82101 (Rev. 07/09) S


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