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Other Media The Fringe is covered by a huge variety of media including broadcast, print and online. If you’re interested in advertising in another media, you should contact them directly and request an advertising rate card and media pack in order to work out which media best fits your budget and target group.

Outdoor Advertising Advertising on a large scale using a multitude of outdoor advertising spaces is another effective form of marketing during the Fringe. Edinburgh’s population doubles in August, meaning the streets are always busy and a great place to advertise. Edinburgh has an extensive bus network, which concentrates in the city centre, providing loads of moving canvases ideal for advertising. Lothian Buses and First Buses are the two main bus companies that travel through the city centre. Other outdoor advertising spaces include billboards, taxi-sides, pedicabs, rickshaws and so on. If you want more information and advice on where to place your ads just contact the Fringe Media Office.

Cutting Costs A s w i t h y o u r p r i n t i n g , r e d u c e c o s t s b y j o i n i n g y o u r a r t w o r k w i t h a n o t h e r c o m p a n y and split a half-page ad space into two quarter-page ads. If you are producing more than one show why not publicise one show on each side of the flyer. s

Ticket Promotions Ticket promotions are a valuable way of stimulating audiences, particularly in the early days of your run. They can help generate an immediate audience, spread word of mouth about your show and create a bit of publicity wherever the offer appears. The Fringe Office runs a number of these:

2 for 1 The Fringe 2 for1 ticket offer has been running since 2001. For the first two days of the festival, tickets for 95% of Fringe shows are available two for the price of one when booked through the Fringe Box Office. The promotion starts the Fringe off with a bang for performers and audiences. To take part in the offer, simply tick the box on your Show Registration Form that states you’d like to be part of this promotion.

Half-Price Hut Launched in 2005, the Half-Price Hut sells tickets for same-day shows for, as its name suggests, half price. If you’re performing in a 50-seater venue and would like to fill up those ten or 15 extra seats that aren’t selling for you on a regular basis, it’s worth taking part in the Half-Price Hut.

Friends of the Fringe Friends of the Fringe is the Fringe Office’s membership scheme which encourages members of the public to financially support the festival in exchange for a host of benefits, including free Fringe Programme delivery and priority ticket booking lines. Friends of the Fringe can also purchase 2 for 1 tickets for shows for the whole duration of their run. There are around 3,000 members who are often great ambassadors both for the Fringe and Fringe shows, so it’s worth thinking about being nice to them! To take part in the Friends of the Fringe 2 for 1 ticket offers, simply tick the box on your Show Registration Form, which states you’d like to be part of this promotion.



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