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You may have seen the Fringe Media Office represented at road shows where you can ask questions and meet fringe staff, venue managers and people bringing their show to the Fringe in 2010.

Case Study: Tortoise in a Nutshell

Missed the road shows? We hold How To Sell A Show seminars with Media Office staff and guest speakers during the Fringe at Fringe Central, but bear in mind they are aimed at future participants.

Tortoise In A Nutshell, Children’s Puppet show Twine 2009 The Fringe office helped us from the very beginning of the project to the very end. They gave us great opportunities for exposure, including interviews on the BBC and continuously advised us on the important what, how and whens of our PR campaign. From proof reading and advising on our press releases to helping organise our first photocall, the press office always had time for us. They would always go out of their way to keep us in the loop, advising us on what publications we should be chasing to give us the sought after five star reviews and how we could best use any good publicity we did get. Even when we dropped in unannounced in a mild state of panic, they would always sit down, chat through our worries and ensure we left with a more definite plan of attack.

The advice we received was always clear and always pinpointed exactly what we should be doing next and when we should be doing it. When we fell behind in our deadlines, the Fringe team encouraged us and gave us all the support we needed to set off on the right foot again.



You’re going to hear about us all through this guide, so consider this our official introduction. The Fringe Media Office is your one stop shop for all information; Fringe guides are invaluable tools for all things festival, but there’s nothing like the personal touch you’ll get discussing your campaign with our staff.

Are you a show? Come to the Fringe media office for:

  • Advice on all aspects of your marketing and media campaign.

  • Regular email bulletins from May onwards with information, advice and deadlines.

  • Help developing ideas for stunts and photocalls.

  • Contact lists for media organisations and advice on the best publications/outlets to target.

  • Support following up on media tickets issued for your show.

  • Help and support when you’re having a crisis.

  • Links to the media. Any information you give us about your show we pass to the media when relevant. Remember, if you don’t tell us we don’t know!

Are you a show? Get the most out of your media office by:

  • Getting in touch as soon as you start planning your Fringe show. Spring is a good time to aim for.

  • Taking time to read the bulletins.

  • Sending in your press release and images to the Fringe Media Office by the end of May – if we don’t have your information we can’t work on your behalf.

  • Coming to meet us when you get to Edinburgh and checking we have all your details on file.

  • Having one person working on your campaign who is the main point of contact and making sure we have their correct contact info.

  • Telling us about your plans for one-off events – they’ll go in the Clash Diary.

  • Using our services! We’re here to help make your Fringe easier. Don’t miss out on all kinds exciting opportunities that crop up.

The Media Office also briefs journalists on themes and topics emerging in the Fringe programme and runs official fringe media accreditation. So think thematically about your show and fill us in – who knows what feature writers are after!

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