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PHOTOS AVAILABLE: The Da Vinci Code De-Bunked By Award Winning Spiritual Lecturer And Author, Ysatis De Saint-Simon

For Immediate Release

MIAMI/EWORLDWIRE/April 18, 2006 --- Based on over thirty years of extensive research and the extraordinary experience of finding, seeing, holding and drinking water from the Nanteos Cup, Ysatis De Saint- Simon is now coming forward to tell a true story about the Holy Grail, which revealed to her, the Inner Grail Mystery.

The Nanteos Cup can be traced back to Joseph of Arimathea and is the one cup most likely to be the Holy Grail. In her new 15-page documentary, with actual photos of her holding the Nanteos Relic, De Saint-Simon describes an extraordinary miracle she witnessed from the Cup. De Saint-Simonsâ™ experience gives a real historic and miraculous dimension to The Holy Grail and emphatically denies any veracity to the misleading concepts and unfounded theories of the Da Vinci Code.

The written documentary, "My Search for the Holy Grail," has just been released to give the public an answer to the âœdistortion of truth and unfounded theoriesâ of the Da Vinci Code. Once a successful actress under contract with Universal Studios in Hollywood, De Saint-Simons' views the upcoming movie as a continuation of a trend to âœnaturalize the transcendental, which is lethal to human evolution." De Saint-Simon sees the current crisis in the theatre industry as the result of films whose content is an âœinsult to the intelligenceâ of moviegoers. De Saint- Simon has started an online movement to boycott this upcoming film.

De Saint-Simonâ™s documentary is now available for review and the dynamic speaker is available for video taped interviews to discuss her experiences and discoveries concerning the Holy Grail. De Saint-Simon is a past award winner of the â˜Silver Medal of Acala,â™ a high honor for special intellectual contributions awarded by the University of Acala de Henares in Spain. She is currently writing a trilogy about the Holy Grail.

It may also be noted that it was De Saint-Simonâ™s uncle, Antoine De Saint-Exupery, who wrote The Little Prince. De Saint-Simon was mentored by his widow, Consuelo De Saint-Exupery, with whom she collaborated to author a book titled The Return of the Little Prince, a sequel to her uncleâ™s book, which is an account of how De Saint-Simon found the treasure, that her uncle called appropriately â“ The Little Prince.

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AVAILABLE MEDIA: Photo: The Da Vinci Code De-Bunked By Award Winning Spiritual Lecturer And Author, Ysatis De Saint-Simon (size: 0.1 k) Close-Up of Ysatis De Saint-Simon holding the Nanteos Cup

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