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disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias or stroke. ๎•is product may also interact in life threatening ways with other medications a consumer may be taking.


Lantus Update ๎•e FDA has reviewed studies and determined that the evidence presented in the studies to attribute the observed cancer risk to Lantus is inconclusive. At this time, FDA has not concluded that Lantus increases the risk of cancer. FDA’s review is ongoing, including review of information from a current clinical trial, and the Agency will update the public when it has additional information. Healthcare professionals should continue to follow the recommendations in the drug label when prescribing Lantus.


Morphine Sulfate Oral Solution 100 mg per 5 mL (20 mg/mL): Medication Use Error - Reports of Accidental Overdose Roxane Laboratories and FDA notified healthcare professionals of serious adverse events and deaths resulting from accidental overdose of morphine sulfate oral solutions, especially when using the high potency 100 mg/5mL product. Healthcare providers should discuss the correct use of the oral syringe with their patients. Pharmacists are reminded to dispense the product to each patient with the enclosed Medication Guide. See Roxane’s “Dear Healthcare Professional Letter” for a complete description and photos of labeling and product packaging changes.


Metronidazole Tablets, 250mg: Recall - Underweight Tablets Teva Pharmaceuticals and the FDA notified healthcare professionals and the public of a recall of Metronidazole Tablets US , 250mg, lot #312566, expiration date 05/2012, due to the presence of underweight tablets. Consumers who have lot 312566 in their possession are instructed to cease using the product and return it to their pharmacy.

Please visit http://www.fda.gov/opacom/7alerts.html for more information.

Ophthalmic Antihistamines

Treatment of signs and symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis

Remove Patanol from the Preferred Drug List with current step therapy unchanged.

Ophthalmic Agents for Glaucoma

Treatment of elevated IOP in members with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma

Remove Azopt and Alphagan P 0.1% from the Preferred Drug List for new starts only. Current members will be grandfathered.

Pegylated Interferon Alfa

Treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Change the Preferred Pegylated Interferon from Pegasys® to Peg-Intron® for new starts only.

Hydrocodone-acetaminophen containing products

Treatment of pain

Add the 5-325mg, 7.5-325mg, and 10-325mg hydrocodone – acetaminophen combination tablet versions to the Preferred Drug List.


The Passport Health Plan Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Reviewed the Following Medications on February 17, 2011

Annual Therapeutic Class Reviews

Passport Health Plan Drug Status Maintain Spiriva, Combivent, and Atrovent HFA as preferred. Change Dulera to preferred.

Replace Zymar with Vigamox on the Preferred Drug List. Use restricted to ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Therapeutic Class


Anticholinergic Bronchodilato Inhaled Corticosteroids Ophthalmic Fluoroquinolones

rs Treatment of COPD Treatment of asthma Treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis

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