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Specifications of the XM-2A Machine Gun Simulator:

The XM-2A machine gun simulator is a water resistance unit designed to simulate the noise and flash of a real machine gun.

The controls are housed in a water resistance housing and is designed to be used in wet or dry locations.

It is self contained unit housing the controls and rechargeable battery. It has external connection points for the oxygen and propane hose connections, manual firing control and connection points for auxiliary contact for remote firing operations.

The unit is designed to set in the ground or on a flat surface. It has 4 mounting holes in the body to allow for mounting to almost anything.

The carrying handle on the side is used for cable storage when not in use.

The unit housing has 3 quick opening latches to gain access to the battery, controls and adjustable rate of fire resistor.

Unit is operated by manual push button control or by any normally open contacts either radio controlled remote or hard wired to the unit.

The firing chamber is mounted outside the control box and access to the spark plug used for ignition is via its access cover in front of the barrel assy.

Controls are solid-state, fully fused protected. Gas valves are all brass construction.

Rate of fire is adjustable from 04-14 cycles per second to simulate a wide variety of weapons.

The power requirement is 12Volts at 2 AH

Gas Type is industrial gas of Oxygen and Propane. ( 20 PSI of Oxygen and 5 PSI propane)

Finish is sandblasted, primed and painted with a durable finish

Length 30” Height 6” Width 6” Weight 17.5 lbs

Please contact us for your special requirements. We can custom build your unit to meet your needs.

All units are warranted for 1 year Parts and Labor.

Int’l Repo-Depo, Inc. Tel

(936) 372-5683


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