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Tenant Organizing

  • Facilitated the formation of and provided board and leadership

development training to Kelsey Gardens 2004 tenant association Provided board and leadership development training to Lincoln-

Westmoreland I tenant association

  • Entered into partnership agreements with both tenant associa-

tions as they pursue the First Right to Purchase their properties Helped bring local media attention to KG’s fight to pursued their

right to purchase Recruited Hogan & Hartson to represent KG Established relationship with Asbury Dwellings Tenant Associa-

tion to provide organizing assistance 1330 Seventh Street Tenant Association purchased their building

in January 2004

Community Housing and Real Estate Development Helped Kelsey Gardens tenants avoid planned displacement of June ’04; created political support for the Tenant Association, in- cluding Jack Evans; formed relationships with Bread for the City and Legal Clinic for Homeless Formed development partnership with Lincoln-Westmoreland Tenant Association to purchase their building Completed the Section 8 trainings, for total of 10 buildings plus training for non-English speaking Chinese immigrant popula- tion Awarded second Fannie Mae grant and second DHCD grant to support tenant purchase and tenant organizing

Community Economic Development ESS placed 74 Shaw and DC residents in jobs ESS sales revenue totaled over $230,000 Earned Income Tax Clinic assisted over 25 low income residents MaggieMoo’s opened for business Chain Reaction sales revenue totaled over $100,000 Shaw Main Streets was successfully incubated and developed,

training over 20 residents in business development

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Challenges & Disappointments



  • Keeping auditing and acounting expenses at a low level while ac-

comodating increased demands for financial accountability Accomplishing tasks of increasing complexity without adding


  • Finding new construction personnel that have good future poten-

Kelsey Gardens: Lack of resolution in the court case No city support for KG Tenants Association Tenants litigation plan prevented Manna CDC from bidding on

development RFP

tial with the organization Failing to close on construction financing because of unresolved

title problems at Madeline Gardens Failing to complete workout of Whitelaw Failing to gain title to Oakdale property Giving up HUD Section 811 funding for the Clifton Street

Shaw Education for Action Active leadership has decreased to 5-6 members SEA Coalition has not added new member groups in past 6


project due to inability of various funding programs to work together Landlord of 2922 Sherman Avenue used bankruptcy law to pre-

vent the building purchase by tenants Some tenants of 1441 Spring Road could not be convinced to

buy their units Inability to improve contractor response time and acceptance of

responsibilities for warranty work Low participation of homeowners in association meetings

Shaw Equitable Development Initiative No formal commitment from NCRC staff to our community

benefits proposal NCRC Board has been unresponsive about follow up meetings

  • Lincoln Westmoreland owners did not offer building directly to


  • Temperance Row: still no clear path to overturning BZA deci-

sion Kohl’s deal terminated at K-mart Site Lost Parcel 710e and Wax Museum deal with the city More tenants not emerging as leaders in tenant associations

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