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Managing PCE

9. Test your reminders.

You can do this two ways:

a. Run health summaries on patients you know have documented health factors or taxonomies.

b. Use the Reminder Test option, a standalone option which technical users can use to see a programmer’s view of the results of a reminder for a patient. This option doesn’t affect any data; it provides debugging information. Check with your IRMS staff for availability..

10. Meet with users and explain Clinical Reminders, the use of the Preventive Medicine Health Summary, and the need for their continued documentation of progress notes, doctor’s orders, etc.

11. Meet with appropriate staff to arrange for data validation to assure that:

a. Encounter forms are being completed correctly

b. Clerks are entering information that is marked on the encounter form (if using manual entry)

c. Scanners are picking up information accurately (if scanning)

d. Information is being passed to health summaries correctly

e. Documentation in the patient’s medical record supports information displayed on the clinical reminders and clinical maintenance components

Defining Clinical Terms with PCE Tables

The PCE package provides options for defining terminology which your site can use to support capturing data for the reminders. The tables are categorized as follows:

Education TopicExam

Health FactorImmunization

Skin TestTreatment

With the exception of the table of Treatments, all of the table items are supplied in an activated state. (clinical reminders do not use Treatments). If there are choices that you don’t want your users to see and pick, you must deactivate them (with the PCE Table Maintenance Activate/Inactivate Table Items option).

94PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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