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Managing PCE

PCE Reminder Maintenance Menu

Option Descriptions

List Reminder Definitions

Lists all of the Reminder/Maintenance item definitions.

Inquire About Reminder Item

Lists the definition of a selected reminder.

Add/Edit Reminder Item

Used to edit Reminder/Maintenance Item definitions.

Copy Reminder Item

Used to copy an existing reminder item definition into a new reminder item in the Reminder/Maintenance Item file (#811.9). Once the copy is completed, you will have the option of editing the new reminder.

Activate/Inactivate Reminders

Used to make reminders active or inactive with Health Summary.

List Reminder Types Logic

Lists the Reminder Types along with a summary of where the reminder's logic searches for data in VISTA to be used for the reminder type’s target patient findings.

List Taxonomy Definitions

Lists the current definition of taxonomies defined in the Taxonomy file which defines the coded values from ICD Diagnosis, ICD Operation/Procedures, or CPT codes that are a part of a clinical category (taxonomy). These taxonomy low and high range definitions are used by the Clinical Reminders logic to determine if a patient has coded values in the clinical files that indicate the patient is part of the taxonomy

Inquire about Taxonomy Item

Lists the current definition of a single taxonomy, including the same information as the Taxonomy List option.

Edit Taxonomy Item

Used to edit Taxonomy Item definitions.

Copy Taxonomy Item

Used to copy an existing taxonomy definition into a new entry in the Taxonomy file (#811.2). Once the taxonomy has been copied, you have the option of editing it.

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual95

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