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Managing PCE

PCE Clinical Reports

The PCE Clinical Reports options provide clinicians and managers with summary data about their patients, workload activity, and encounter counts. The reports extract data from various files in VISTA, including laboratory, pharmacy, and PIMS to create output reports which have been requested by physicians throughout the VA.

NOTE: If the month or day aren't known for historical encounters, they will appear on encounter screens or reports with zeroes for the missing dates; for example, 01/00/95 or 00/00/94.

PCE Clinical Reports Menu

  PA     Patient Activity by Clinic

  CP     Caseload Profile by Clinic

  WL     Workload by Clinic

  DX     Diagnosis Ranked by Frequency

  LE     Location Encounter Counts

  PE     Provider Encounter Counts

Option Descriptions

Patient Activity by Clinic

This report provides a summary of patient data for one or more clinics as a measure of continuity of care.

Caseload Profile by Clinic

This report generates a profile of the patients in a clinic's caseload, given a selected date range. One or more clinics or a stop code may be selected to represent the caseload; it combines PCE encounter, Lab, Radiology, Outpatient Pharmacy, and Admissions data, with report areas of demographics, preventive medicine, quality of care markers, and utilization.

Workload by Clinic

This report provides a summary of clinic workload based on the evaluation and management codes associated with encounters occurring within a selected date range. The report will have the most complete information if it is run for a date range where clinic activities have been documented online. The representative period of time for the selected date range may be determined by clinical staff.

Diagnoses Ranked by Frequency

This report lists the most frequent diagnostic codes (ICD9 or ICD-10) and the most frequent diagnostic categories.

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual107

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