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Managing PCE

Diagnosis Ranked by Frequency

This report produces two lists: most frequent diagnoses (ICD9 or ICD10) and most frequent diagnostic categories. The list entries are ordered with the most frequent encounter diagnosis first. The most frequent diagnosis categories list is based on the ICD diagnostic category related to each diagnosis in the frequent diagnosis list.

The report can be generated using a number of different selection criteria:

Facilityselect the facilities encounters to include in the report.

Primary Diagnoses only or All Diagnosesif primary is selected then only primary diagnosis associated with an encounter will be included in the report. All diagnosis will include Primary and secondary diagnoses associated with an encounter.

Encounter Date Rangeonly encounters that fall within the specified date range are used to generate the report.

Number of most frequent diagnosesthis will determine how many diagnoses and diagnoses categories are listed on the report. For example, if 20 was input for this criteria, the report would list up to 20 of the most frequent diagnoses found associated with encounters. Diagnoses and diagnostic categories are ranked from most frequent to least frequent. If the encounters contained less than 20 different diagnoses, the report lists all the different diagnoses that were found.

The remaining criteria are optional for singling out diagnosis entries based on other encounter or patient data. You can accept the default "other" encounter/patient criteria which is all VA Clinic encounters (Service Category of "A" or "I") for all patients.

Other encounter/patient report selection criteria:

Service Categoryonly encounters with the specified service  category or categories are used to generate the report. This  defaults to "AI" for Ambulatory encounters and encounters at a clinic  where the patient had an inpatient status.

Clinic Stop Codeonly encounters with the specified list of clinic stop codes are used to generate the report.

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual115

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