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Screen Display

PCE uses the List Manager utility which allows PCE to display a list of items in a screen format, with possible actions (add, edit, print) listed below. If the list is longer than one screen, the header and action portions of the screen remain stable, while the center display scrolls. So if there are too many patient encounters to fit within the scrolling portion of the screen, when you press the return key, that portion of the screen scrolls while the top and bottom stay unchanged.

PCE Appointment List       May 12, 1995 12:53:07    Page:  1  of  3

PCEPATIENT,ONE     000-45-6789           Clinic:  All

Date range:  03/13/95 to 05/26/95

       Clinic            Appt Date/Time       Status

   1   Xyz               Mar 27, 1995 08:00   Cancelled By Patient

   2   Xyz               Mar 27, 1995 09:00   No-show

   3   Xyz               Mar 27, 1995 09:30   Cancelled By Patient

   4   Xyz               Mar 27, 1995 10:00   No-show

   5   Xyz               Mar 28, 1995 08:30   Checked Out

   6   Xyz               Mar 28, 1995 08:50   No-show

+         + Next Screen   - Prev Screen   ?? More Actions

UE Update Encounter   SP Select New Patient   VC View by Clinic

LI List by Encounter  CD Change Date Range    DD Display Detail

AD Add Standalone Enc.                        EP Expand Appointment

AL Appointment Lists  IN Check Out Interview  QU Quit

Select Action: Quit// AD   Add New Encounter

Without leaving the option, you can:

browse through the list,

select items that need action,

take action on those items, or

select other actions,

You select an action by typing the name or abbreviation at the “Select Action” prompt.

Actions may be preselected by typing the action abbreviation, then the number of the encounter on the list. For example, UE=1 will process entry 1 for Update Encounter

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual7

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