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Health Summary

A Health Summary is a clinically oriented, structured report that extracts many kinds of data from VISTA and displays it in a standard format. The individual patient is the focus of health summaries, but health summaries can also be printed or displayed for groups of patients. The data displayed covers a wide range of health-related information such as demographic data, allergies, current active medical problems, laboratory results, etc.

Indian Health Service (IHS)

IHS developed a computer program similar to VA’s VISTA, which contains Patient Care Component (PCC) from which PCE and many of its components were derived.

Inpatient Visit

Inpatient encounters include the admission of a patient to a VAMC and any clinically significant change related to treatment of that patient. For example, a treating specialty change is clinically significant, whereas a bed switch is not. The clinically significant visits created throughout the inpatient stay would be related to the inpatient admission visit. If the patient is seen in an outpatient clinic while an Inpatient, this is treated as a separate encounter.

Integrated Billing (IB)

A VISTA package responsible for identifying billable episodes of care, creating bills, and tracking the whole billing process through to the passing of charges to Accounts Receivable (AR). Includes the Encounter Form utility.


Medical Care Cost Recovery, a VISTA entity which supports Integrated Billing and many data capture pilot projects related to PCE.

Non-conforming Clinics

Clinics with stop codes that do not comply with the assigned stop code restriction types of P=Primary, S=Secondary and E=Either.


National Patient Care Data Base, a database maintained in Austin which stores the minimum data set for all ambulatory care encounters.

Occasion of Service

A specified instance of an act of service involved in the care of a patient or consumer which is not an encounter. These occasions of service may be the result of an encounter; for example, tests or procedures ordered as part of an encounter. A patient may have multiple occasions of service per encounter or per visit.

138PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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