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Using PCE

PCE Actions

"Actions" are the choices listed at the bottom of the PCE screens (following the shaded bar) which you can select, either to edit or add to the appointments or encounter shown in the top part of the screen, or to see a different view of that information.

UE  Update Encounter    SP  Select New Patient   VC  View by Clinic

LI  List by Encounter   CD  Change Date Range    DD  Display Detail

AD  Add Standalone Enc.                          EP  Expand Appointment

AL  Appointment Lists   IN  Check Out Interview  QU  Quit

The following actions can be used at the Appointment List or Encounter List screens.

ADD STANDALONE ENC. - This action lets you add a new encounter not associated with a credit stop.

APPOINTMENT LISTS - This action allows you to change which appointments will be displayed based on their status. For example, you may change the display to list cancelled, checked in, checked out, future appointments, inpatient appointments, appointment where no action has been taken, non-count appointments, no show appointments, or all appointments.

CHANGE CLINIC - This action lets you change the display list of encounters based on hospital location. If the list includes encounters for all locations, you can select a new location and the list will be redisplayed with only encounters that relate to that location.

CHANGE DATE RANGE - This action allows you to change the date range used for displaying encounters or appointments.  You may change the beginning and/or ending date.

CHECKOUT INTERVIEW - This action allows you to go through the interview questions for an encounter that is associated with an appointment. You may also edit additional information such as provider, diagnosis, and procedure. You may also edit an encounter that is associated with an appointment by entering the number associated with the item at the "Select Action" prompt or using the Update Encounter.

DISPLAY DETAIL - This action displays all available information related to one encounter for a selected appointment.

16PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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