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Using PCE

Make Historical Encounter

You can create encounters for patient visits that occurred at some time in the past (exact time may be unknown) or at some other location (possibly non-VA). Although these are not used for workload credit, they can be used for setting up the reminder maintenance system.

NOTE: If month or day aren't known, historical encounters will appear on encounter screens or reports with zeroes for the missing dates; for example, 01/00/95 or 00/00/94.

Steps to use this action:

1. Change to View by Encounters if you are in the Appointment View.

2. Select the Make Historical Enc action at the Select Action prompt.

PCE Encounter List         Jul 26, 1996 07:46:56        Page:  1 of  2

PCEPATIENT,ONE     000-45-6789          Clinic:  All

Date range:  07/16/96 to 07/30/96

     Encounter          Clinic                      Clinic Stop

  1 07/25/96  08:00    DIABETES CLINIC             306 DIABETES

  2 07/25/96  09:00    CARDIOLOGY                  303 CARDIOLOGY

  3 07/23/96  16:28    HAND                        409 ORTHOPEDICS

  4 06/22/96  09:00    CARDIOLOGY                  303 CARDIOLOGY

  5 06/22/96  11:00    DIABETES CLINIC             306 DIABETES

  6 05/19/96  15:07    CARDIOLOGY                  303 CARDIOLOGY

+         + Next Screen   - Prev Screen   ?? More Actions

UE  Update Encounter      SP  Select New Patient    VC  View by Clinic

LI  List by Appointment   CD  Change Date Range     DD  Display Detail

AD  Add Standalone Enc.   CC  Change Clinic

HI  Make Historical Enc.  IN  Check Out Interview   QU  Quit

Select Action: Next Screen// HI

This will create a historical encounter for documenting a clinical encounter only and will not be used by Scheduling, Billing or Workload credit.

Enter RETURN to continue or '^' to exit: [ENTER]

2.  Enter the date of the encounter and the time, if known.

3.  Enter the location where the encounter took place. If it happened at a non-VA hospital or clinic, type that name. Otherwise enter the name or number of the VA Medical Center or other facility.

Encounter Date and (optional) Time:  12/95  (DEC 1995)

Is this a VA location?  N// [ENTER]

Non VA Location of Encounter: University Clinic


4.  (optional) Enter any comments that are needed to clarify the encounter.

20PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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