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Patient Care Encounter (PCE) helps sites collect, manage, and display outpatient encounter data (including providers, procedure codes, and diagnostic codes) in compliance with the 10/1/96 Ambulatory Care Data Capture mandate from the Undersecretary of Health.

PCE also helps sites document patient education, examinations, treatments, skin tests, and immunizations, as well as collect and manage other clinically significant data, such as defining Health Factors and Health Maintenance Reminders.

PCE data may come from several sources, including external data acquisition devices (such as mark sense scanners), provider interaction (through workstations or portable computers), or clerical data entry. PCE allows new types of data (such as immunizations and purpose of visit) to be entered and stored, which can be retrieved by patient, ward, or clinic. Information entered through PCE can be viewed on Health Summaries or other reports.

Purpose and Benefits of PCE

The Veterans Health Administration has determined that it must have adequate, accurate, and timely information about each ambulatory care encounter/service provided in order to enhance patient care and to manage our health care resources into the future. Effective October 1, 1996, VHA facilities are required to report each ambulatory encounter and/or ancillary service. Provider, procedure, and diagnosis information is included in the minimum data set that will be reported to the National Patient Care Data Base (NPCDB). The Ambulatory Data Capture Project was formed to coordinate the many software packages and their developers who support this effort.

Goals of Ambulatory Data Capture Project

Capture purpose of visit/problem, diagnoses, procedures, and providers

Develop a fast, accurate method for getting ambulatory care data into VISTA

Return clinically relevant data back to the Clinician

Make data available for workload reporting, DSS, research, MCCR, and other ongoing VHA needs  

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual1

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