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Managing PCE

IRM staff and Clinical Coordinators manage PCE by assigning menus, setting site parameters, defining clinical reminders, setting up clinical reports, and modifying local tables containing patient education, health factors, and other items through the Table Maintenance options.

PCE Menus and Options

The following menus and options are exported with PCE:

PCE IRM Main Menu

  SP     PCE Site Parameters Menu ...

  TBL    PCE Table Maintenance ...

  INFO   PCE Information Only ...

  RM     PCE Reminder Maintenance Menu ...

  CR     PCE Clinical Reports ...

  HOME   Directions to Patient's Home Add/Edit

  CO     PCE Coordinator Menu ...

  CL     PCE Clinician Menu

Assign the IRM Main Menu or at least the first four options/menus to IRM staff or coordinators who will be responsible for setting up PCE, maintaining the entries in the PCE tables (such as Patient Education, Immunization, Treatments, etc.), and defining the clinical reminders/maintenance system for your site.

Assign the PCE Coordinator Menu to the Application Coordinator who will use all of the PCE options.

Assign the PCE Clinician Menu to clinicians who will be entering or editing data, who will use clinical reports, who need the PCE Information Only menu to see the basis for reminders, and who might add or edit directions to a patient's home for appearance on a health summary.

Assign Directions to Patient's Home Add/Edit to anyone who needs to enter directions to a patient's home. This is especially useful for Hospital-Based Home Care staff (directions can be viewed on Health Summaries).

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual71

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