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Managing PCE

PCE Site Parameters

The PCE Site Parameters Menu on the PCE IRM Main Menu contains the PCE HS/RPT Parameter menu, PCE Edit Disposition Clinics, and PCE Site Parameters Edit.

PCE Site Parameters Menu

SITE   PCE Site Parameters Edit

      RPT    PCE HS/RPT Parameter Menu ...

             PRNT   PCE HS/RPT Parameters Print

             HS     PCE HS Disclaimer Edit

             RPT    PCE Report Parameter Edit

      DISP   PCE Edit Disposition Clinics

Option Descriptions

PCE Site Parameters Edit

This option is used to edit entries in the PCE PARAMETERS file. The parameters that are set are used as the default controls for the user interface when it starts up. You can set your default view as Appointment or Encounter, and a range of dates.

PCE HS Disclaimer Edit

This option is used to specify a Site Reminder Disclaimer to be used by the Health Summary package whenever the Health Summary "Clinical Maintenance" and "Clinical Reminder" components are displayed in a Health Summary.

PCE HS/RPT Parameters Print

This option prints the current PCE Parameter definitions that are used by Health Summary and some of the PCE Reports.

PCE Report Parameter Edit

This option is used to define parameters that will be used by the PCE Report Module.  The report edit option allows your site to specify which clinics in file 44 represent "Emergency Room" clinics, and what Lab tests from file 60 should be used for looking up patient data for Glucose, Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol and HBA1C lab results. These fields are used by the reports Caseload Profile by Clinic, and Patient Activity by Clinic. To get a printout of current definitions in the PCE Parameters fields for these fields, use the PCE HS/RPT Parameters Print.

PCE Edit Disposition Clinics

This option is used to define which clinics are used as Administrative Dispositon Clinics.

74PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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