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Managing PCE

PCE HS/RPT Parameter Menu

The PCE HS/RPT Parameter menu contains print and edit options for PCE fields related to the Health Summary package and PCE Reports module.

Use the print option to see what the current definition is for these fields.

PCE exports a disclaimer to appear on Health Summaries: Default Reminder Disclaimer:

The following disease screening, immunization, and patient education

recommendations are offered as guidelines to assist in your practice.

These are only recommendations, not practice standards. The appropriate utilization of these for your individual patients must be based on clinical judgment and the patient's current status.

If your site prefers to use a site-defined reminder disclaimer instead of the disclaimer distributed by PCE, use the HS Disclaimer Edit option to define your site's disclaimer text. This disclaimer will appear on the top of each display of Health Summary "Clinical Maintenance" and "Clinical Reminder" components.

Two PCE Clinical ReportsCaseload Profile by Clinic and Patient Activity by Clinictrack Critical Lab Values and Emergency Room Visits. The PCE Report Parameter Edit option allows your site to specify which clinics in Hospital Location file (#44) represent "Emergency Room" clinics and what tests from the Laboratory Test  file (#60) should be used for looking up patient data for Glucose, Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol and HBA1C lab results. (This is necessary since the Laboratory Test File is not standardized and each site may have customized it differently.)

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual75

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