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Managing PCE

Table Maintenance

The Table Maintenance options let sites add or edit the items in the tables for Health Factors, Patient Education, Immunizations, Skin Tests, etc.

PCE Table Maintenance Menu

  INFO   PCE Information Only ...

  ACT    Activate/Inactivate Table Items ...

  CED    Education Topic Copy

  DEWO   PCE Delete Encounters W/O Visit

  ED     Education Topic Add/Edit

  EX     Examinations Add/Edit

  HF     Health Factors Add/Edit

  IM     Immunizations Add/Edit

  SK     Skin Tests Add/Edit

  TR     Treatments Add/Edit

Once these tables have been defined, the table entries will be selectable for encounter data entry (directly into PCE) or for encounter form definitions (AICS package). The patient information collected can be viewed on Health Summaries.

Use the "Inactive Flag" field to make an entry "INACTIVE" for selection in the encounter form definition process and the PCE encounter data entry process. If entries are to be included on the clinic's encounter form, the entries must first be defined in the appropriate file using this option. canning encounter forms with the AICS package will provide PCE with information stored in the V files.

These options may be used in conjunction with the "PCE Information Only" menu options to manage the contents of the files or tables supporting the Patient Care Encounter (PCE) package.

Option Descriptions

PCE Information Only

This is a menu of options that lists entries in the files/tables for patient education,

immunizations, skin tests, health factors and treatments.

Activate/Inactivate Table Items

This option is the main menu option that allows you to activate or inactivate the entries in the supporting tables. (e.g., Immunizations, Skin Tests, Education Topics)

78PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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