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Outpatient Visit:  The visit of an outpatient to one or more units or facilities located in or directed by the provider maintaining the outpatient health care services (clinic, physician’s office, hospital/medical center) within one calendar day.

Encounter:  A contact between a patient and a provider who has primary responsibility for assessing and treating the patient at a given contact, exercising independent judgment. A patient may have multiple encounters per visit. Outpatient encounters include scheduled appointments and walk-in unscheduled visits. A clinician’s telephone communications with a patient may be represented by a separate visit entry. If the patient is seen in an outpatient clinic while an inpatient, this is treated as a separate encounter.

Episode of Care:  Many encounters for the same problem can constitute an episode of care. An outpatient episode of care may be a single encounter or can encompass multiple encounters over a long period of time. The definition of an episode of care may be interpreted differently by different professional services even for the same problem. Therefore, the duration of an episode of care is dependent on the viewpoints of individuals delivering or reviewing the care provided.

Ancillary Service/Occasion of Service:  A specified instance of an act of service involved in the care of a patient or consumer which is not an encounter. These occasions of service may be the result of an encounter; for example, tests or procedures ordered as part of an encounter. A patient may have multiple occasions of service per encounter or per visit.

Provider:  The entity which furnishes health care to a consumer. This definition includes an individual or defined group of individuals who provide a defined unit of health care services (defined = codable) to one or more individuals at a single session.

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual3

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