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Managing PCE

How does the Clinical Reminders software helps to meet Clinical Guidelines, NCHP, performance indicators, and preventive medicine mandates?

Make the most of your clinical reminders!

The National Center for Health Promotion (NCHP) has defined a set of 15 reminders that represent the minimum that sites must report on yearly to comply with Congressional law. The Ambulatory Care Expert Panel has defined 22 reminders that they recommend. The NCHP reminders are prefixed with VA-* and the EP reminders with VA-. Any of these reminders that meet your site’s requirements may be used as is. If your site requires a reminder that is not met by one of the distributed reminders, you can create your own. It is usually easiest to start by copying the existing reminder that is closest to what you want.

You may wish to review VHA Handbook 1101.8 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program (RCN 10-0666), VAMC Outpatient Performance Indications, and Clinical Guidelines as resource materials when deciding what reminders you need.

Create a Preventive Medicine Health Summary or add reminder and maintenance items to existing health summaries. You can print health summaries and provide them to clinicians for all scheduled visits, or show them how to view them on their computer monitors. A clinician may use the ADHOC health summary to review individual maintenance or reminder information.

When reviewers visit your medical center, make these summaries available to them. Feedback from reviewers who have used these health summaries during their reviews has been very positive.

PLEASE NOTE: Clinical reminders and clinical maintenance do not satisfy documentation requirements. Documentation supporting these reminders must still be made on progress notes, doctor’s orders, etc.

90PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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