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Managing PCE

Implementing Clinical Reminders

Tips on how to get started with clinical reminders and clinical maintenance from a Clinical Coordinator’s perspective.

Clinical Reminders are created or modified by using a combination of PCE Table Maintenance options, Clinical Reminders Maintenance options, Taxonomy options, Health Summary Create/Modify Health Summary Type option, and AICS Encounter Form options.

Follow the steps below, as applicable, to implement Clinical Reminders.

1. Ask IRMS staff to assign you the PCE Table Maintenance Menu

and the PCE Reminder Maintenance Menu.

If you are a technical user, you may want to ask IRMS to add the PCE Reminder Test option as a secondary menu option.

2. Refer to Appendix A of the PCE User Manual Appendices document for clinical reminders guidelines and worksheets.

Gather the following:

Appendix A-1, Start-up Process for Implementing Reminders

Appendix A-3, Clinical Reminder Definition Worksheet

Appendix A-4, PCE Clinical Integration Worksheet

Copy of VA Performance Indicators

Copy of VHA Handbook 1101.8

Use a list of PCE Reminders/Maintenance items, health factors, and taxonomies for referral as you are working. The distributed reminders and taxonomies are listed in Appendixes A-8 and A-9. (Options to print these are located on the PCE Reminder Maintenance Menu, if you need more copies.)

3. Identify the reminders that your site wants to implement.

a. Review reminder definitions with appropriate clinical staff and determine any reminders that will need editing.

If you are going to use the distributed reminders without making any changes, you won’t need to copy them. For example, immunizations, skin tests, and blood pressures can be used as exported. If you wish to make changes (e.g., frequency, age range, health factors), copy the exported reminder and edit it.

If no distributed reminder provides exactly what you require, you will need to create your own local reminder. It is usually easiest to start with the distributed reminder that is closest to your requirements. Copy it to a local reminder using the Copy Reminder Item option, and then edit the new reminder to meet your site’s needs. An example of copying and editing a reminders is at the end of this chapter.

NOTE: The “VA-“ prefix designates the nationally distributed set. (Sites are not allowed to use the VA- prefix in the names of locally defined reminders.) Reminders with the “VA-*” prefix represent the minimum requirements as defined by the National Center for Health Promotion

August 1996PCE V. 1.0 User Manual91

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