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Managing PCE


You will always need to copy and edit the following reminders to add your specific laboratory or radiology test names:

VA-*: Breast Cancer Screen, *Cholesterol Screen (M) and (F)

VA-: Mammogram, PSA

VA-*: *Cervical Cancer Screen, *Colorectal Cancer Screen (FOBT), Colorectal Cancer Screen (Sig.), Hypertension Screen, Influenza, Immunization, Pneumococcal Vaccine, Tetanus Diptheria Immunization, Weight and Nutrition Screen

VA-: *Pap Smear, *FOBT, Flexisigmoidoscopy, Blood Pressure check, Influenza Vaccine, Pneumovax, PPD, Weight

* The Pap Smear and FOBT-type reminders don’t look at the laboratory test names at this time. However, a future lab patch is anticipated that will require you to enter the laboratory test name as you did for PSA and cholesterol reminders.

The following screening and education reminders work “as is,” but you must activate the topics under the PCE Reminder Maintenance Menu. The Table Maintenance item should match one or more of the Target Result Findings items as listed in each reminder definition.

VA-*: Fitness and Exercise Screen, Problem Drinking Screen, Seat

Belt and Accident Screen, and Tobacco Use Screen.

VA-: Exercise Education, Alcohol Abuse Education, Seat Belt

Education, Tobacco Education, Nutrition/Obesity Education,

Advance Directives Education, Breast Exam, Breast Self Exam

Education, Diabetic Eye Exam, Diabetic Foot Care Ed, Diabetic Foot

Exam, Digital Rectal (Prostate) Exam

b. Run enough copies of “Clinical Reminder Definition Worksheets” (Appendix A-3 of the PCE User Manual Appendices document) for the reminders you wish to edit.

92PCE V. 1.0 User ManualAugust 1996

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