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50 hours in the last 12 months. He recorded 25 hours of hood instrument training up until February 2010, and 6.7 hours of simulator training from 02 to 22 June 2010.

The owner did not receive any training on the occurrence aircraft or its systems. He owned a single-engine airplane, a Cessna 182, since 2003, and had previously flown into the Sydney airport a few times, but only during daylight hours. When flying with other pilots, the owner preferred to be the pilot flying the aircraft, particularly if it was his own.

Crew Activities

In the days preceding the occurrence the PIC and owner had not conducted any activity outside of their normal routines.

On the morning of the occurrence, the PIC and the owner left Calgary, Alberta, at 1000 (0700 local time) on a commercial flight and arrived in Toronto, Ontario, at approximately 1340 (1240 local time). Based on a conservative estimate of the commuting time to the Calgary airport, plus the required hour of wait between check-in and departure, it is likely that they woke no later than 0800 (0500 local time). At the time of the occurrence, they would have been travelling for more than 15 hours. There are duty day requirements for commercial pilots in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR 720.15); however there are no set duty day time requirements for private pilots.

The PIC was the director of a company which was holding a scheduled board meeting in Sydney on 07 August 2010. Other meetings were planned with investors for 06 August 2010 in the Sydney area. The company had purchased tickets on a commercial flight for the PIC but he declined on the basis he was assisting a friend to pick up an aircraft, and would nonetheless be there for the morning of 06 August 2010.

Aircraft Information

The Cessna 414A is a pressurized low-wing twin- engine aircraft with retractable tricycle landing gear (see Photo 1). The occurrence aircraft had a RAM Series IV conversion, which included upgraded engine performance and wing- mounted vortex generators, to increase the performance and useful load of the aircraft. The aircraft was equipped and certified for IFR operation.

Photo 1. Occurrence Aircraft

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