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Sample Brownie Girl Scout Meetings

The following pages contain suggestions for your first few Brownie Girl Scout troop meetings. Meetings should be based on the needs and interests of the girls in the troop. The Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, Try Its for Brownie Girl Scouts and Guide to Brownie Leaders are your basic resources. You may also want to ask your Service Unit for a copy of Ceremonies In Girl Scouting and a Brownie Girl Scout Song Book. The pages in this informational piece are supplemental, designed to help you get started. Use the ideas in whatever way works best for you and the troop. Be sure to involve the girls as partners in the planning process. You should also check out pages 38 – 54 of your Guide for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders for samples of other activities to use for you meetings. These are all tools to make your beginning months as a Brownie Girl Scout Leader as easy as possible.

First meetings at the Brownie Girl Scout age level focus on getting acquainted and learning about the Promise and Law in preparation for the investiture of new girls. If girls are reregistering for the second or third year, troop program should reflect their ideas, skills and experiences. Keep in mind the relationship between “activities” and girl growth in the areas of the four program emphases discussed on page 7 of The Guide for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders.

Brownie Girl Scout Meeting #1

Materials Needed ^ name tags (large, round, colored pieces of paper) ^ treat and treat holder for next meeting ^ newsprint ^ Girl Scout Promise on large paper ^ tape ^ “It Bag” and “Other Bag” ^ Brownie Girl Scout Handbook ^ crayons and markers ^ The Guide For Brownie Girl Scout Leaders ^ safety pins or yarn

Pre-Meeting Activity Have the girls make their own name tags. Give each girl a large, round, colored piece of paper. Have the girls print their name. Under their names have them draw a picture of something they like to do. Use safety pins to attach name tags, or punch holes in paper and use yarn to make name tags.

Opening Have girls join hands. Moving to the right in a circle, say this jingle: “Round and round and round about,

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