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Take the hand of a Brownie Girl Scout Here we are in a Brownie ring Ready for most anything.”

When complete, sit down. Tell the girls, “This is your Brownie Girl Scout Ring. We will form this ring each time we begin our meetings. We will share ideas and make decisions when we’re in our ring.” Stress that it is important to be quiet when someone is talking in the Brownie Girl Scout ring.

Teach the “Quiet Sign” – When a leader raises her right hand high, girls do the same. This is the signal for silence.

Teach the “Talking Sign” – A girl does this by holding her three middle fingers of the right hand pointed down toward the floor. This is the signal when someone wants to talk.

Have each girl introduce herself and share her story about the picture on her nametag.

Business and Planning Teach the “Brownie Smile Song.” Tell the girls that all Brownie Girl Scouts everywhere learn to enjoy this song. (page 15 in the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook)

Introduce the Promise by having it printed in large letters on a large sheet of paper or tag board. Take time before the meeting to read pages 12 and 13 in the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook for ideas of presenting the Promise. Read it through for the girls and have them repeat it after you, line by line.

Teach the “Girl Scout Promise” On my honor, I will try: To serve God* and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law. *Members may substitute wording appropriate to their own spiritual belief for the word “God” if they wish.

Teach the “Girl Scout Sign” found on page 18 of the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook. This special sign is made when you say the Girl Scout Promise. Also show them how to do the Brownie Girl Scout handshake, also found on page 18.

Distribute the treat. Who will bring it next week? (Some leaders use a decorated plastic bucket as the treat container to send home with the girls as a reminder to bring the treat the following meeting.)

Major Activity Read to the girls the first half of the “Brownie Girl Scout Story” found on page 29-32 of the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook. Show the pictures as you tell the story.

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