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Report Identification ANY St., Your City, TX 77XXX ___________________________

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I=Inspected I NI NP


NI=Not Inspected

NP--Not Present R=Not Functioning or In Need of Repair Inspection Item

  • G. Doors (interior and Exterior) Comments: Latches missing on several doors – repair. Sliding closet doors did not operate properly – repair. Glass mirror doors had no indication of being safety glass – safety hazard. Doors with glass inserts had no indication of being safety glass – safety hazard.

  • H. Windows

Comments: Windows broken, missing, trim and sills rotted and/or missing

allowing entry to the elements – repair/replace. Windows could not be opened, many missing ropes for counterweights and

generally in very nonfunctional status. Flashings not visible above windows. Some screens missing/broken – replace. Window latches broken/missing – repair. Birds nesting in rotted sill at bottom of window on West wall – replace.

I. Fireplace/Chimney Comments: Apparent gas line in living room, protruding from floor where a decorative simulated fire place may have been.

J. Porches, Decks and Carports (Attached) Comments: Front porch roof leaking with deteriorated areas on, under and around,

including some visible deterioration of structural components visible through holes in corners. Flashing for porch roof at house wall apparently leaking, and improperly installed. Support posts corroded at bottom and sinking into rotted top board – repair. Full

extent of damage can only be determined by removing bottom covering. Front porch had cracks in cement floor – repair – after stabilizing foundation

drainage. East side concrete steps missing handrail – safety hazard – and blocking vent

opening – repair. Back deck cover corroded, posts not anchored, metal covering bent and support

post missing in center of warped West side beam – repair. Back porch attached to back wall without flashing – repair. Back deck beginning to deteriorate at rear – repair. Raised part of deck missing screen to keep animals out. Gap between deck and back cement stoop trip hazard.

  • K. Other

Comments: Stair rail missing at bottom half of stairway. Upper rail ends not

curved to wall – safety hazard. Large tree in front closer than 15 feet from porch and may be associated with one

or more cracks in porch. Signs of previous animal activity in some cabinets and attic.


A. Service Entrance and Panels

Comments: type of service:


Main service conductors at weather head connected by temporary means – safety

hazard. Tape wrapped connections at weather head at bottom of drip loop – safety hazard.

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