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Report Identification ANY St., Your City, TX 77XXX ___________________________

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I=Inspected I NI NP


NI=Not Inspected

NP--Not Present R=Not Functioning or In Need of Repair Inspection Item

Service wires closer than 8 feet from metal roof over back deck – safety hazard. Oversized breakers for wire sizes – safety hazard. Unterminated wires in breaker box – safety hazard. Main service panel with no sign of bonding between neutral and panel – safety

hazard. Circuits not clearly labeled as to function – safety hazard. Panel cover missing screws – safety hazard. Open blocks in electrical panel – safety hazard. Unprotected ground stake with improper type of clamp not flush with ground –

safety hazard.

B. Branch Circuits - Connected Devices and Fixtures (Report as in need of

repair the lack of ground fault circuit protection where required.):


House served by:

Copper wire

Exposed, unprotected, unterminated wires – EXTREME safety hazard.

GFI protection absent – safety hazard. Cover plates missing, loose and broken outlets – safety hazard. Ungrounded outlets – safety hazard. Closet lights missing protective cover – safety hazard. Dead fixtures, switches, and missing fixtures – safety hazard. No outlets for electrical service for dryer or kitchen range – repair. Insufficient number of outlets, especially in kitchen. Switches with function unknown. No service outlets for mechanical appliances in attic or outside. At least half of the visible outlets were of old two prong style.

    • III.


  • A. Heating Equipment Type and Energy Source: central heat, gas, forced air, Comments: Exhaust flue positioned less than one inch from flammable materials

      • safety hazard.

Custom metal box between flue and furnace showed signs of possible overheating,

holes and no indication of being listed for such service. Unit not readily accessible for visible inspection of internals. Gas turned off so unit could not be operated. Suggest detailed inspection, and assessment by qualified heating technician to

ascertain functionality and extent of repairs needed. Unit should not otherwise be operated.

  • B. Cooling Equipment: Type and Energy Source: electrical, split system, AC Comments: Filters dirty – replace. Outside unit missing. Primary condensate line apparently plugged form signs of water streaming down side of house – repair.

Primary condensate drain directed to outside near foundation. This should be

directed to a proper trapped drain. Condensate line missing insulation and cap – repair. Condensate drip pan corroded – replace. Cooling system had stains and material buildup on and around air coil box

suggesting poor insulation and seals – repair. Large amount of lint and dirt in ducts suggest likelihood of plugged coils and

possible dirty fan. entire unit should be thoroughly evaluated by a qualified

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