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Report Identification ANY St., Your City, TX 77XXX ___________________________

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I=Inspected I NI NP


NI=Not Inspected

NP--Not Present R=Not Functioning or In Need of Repair Inspection Item

technician to determine functionality of all parts of system and feasibility of use with new outside unit. Suggest annual service by qualified AC technician to clean coil & condensate drain and check system operation.

  • C. Ducts and Vents

Comments: No functional return duct for downstairs – repair. Duct insulation incomplete, broken/torn – repair. Ducts crushed/ deformed – repair. Ducts sagging, inadequately supported with wrong support material – repair.

    • IV.


  • A. Water Supply System and Fixtures Comments: Water pressure measured as 0 psi. [Water was turned off, so fixtures could not be tested.]

Hose bibs missing anti-siphon prevention – safety hazard. Several places where copper tube was connected directly to galvanized iron pipe

with no dielectric isolation and heavily corroded joints – repair. Most lines and fixtures exhibited corroded connections – repair/replace. Toilets both loose on floor with signs of deterioration in flooring around them –

repair. Signs of previous leaks under most fixtures. Tile surrounds need recaulk or regrouting or replacement. Water supply shutoff valve not visibly evident – repair. P2903.9.1 Service valve. Each dwelling unit shall be provided with an accessible

main shutoff valve near the entrance of the water service. The valve shall be of the full open type having a nominal restriction to flow, with provision for drainage such as a bleed orifice or installation of a separate drain valve. Additionally the water service shall be valved at the the curb or property line in accordance with local requirements.”

  • B. Drains, Wastes, Vents

Comments: Drain plugs all missing or not working – repair/replace. Signs of previous water under all sinks. Drain function could not be tested with water off. Drains appeared to be cast iron

pipe. Suggest considering replacement with modern materials to avoid likely problems from a system past its prime. Vent cover corroded and missing – replace.

  • C. Water Heating Equipment (Report as in need of repair those conditions specifically listed as recognized hazards by TREC rules.) Energy Source: gas – located in kitchen Comments: Pressure/temperature relief valve directed under house – safety hazard.

Flue vent pipe in contact with several flammable materials in several places –

safety hazard. Flue vent pipe disconnected from top of heater – safety hazard. Flue vent pipe connected with screws in adjacent area – safety hazard. Flue vent pipe sloped downward – safety hazard. Corroded connections – repair. Missing drip pan – repair. No attempt should be made to operate water heater until flue vent problems are


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