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B. Neighborhood Parks

As shown in Figure 11, two public neighborhood parks are proposed, one on each side of Poway Road. Each is cited next to a proposed elementary school near a creek and meets usable acreage requirements for parks in accordance with the General Plan. The parks should be designed and constructed to meet City standards. The City might also explore the joint use of school and park facilities in order to meet General Plan standards.

  • Northern Expanded Neighborhood Park The north 14-acre park (Parcel 13) is centrally located in Sabre Springs North and receives auto, bicycle and pedestrian access via Sabre Springs Parkway. This park functions as an enlarged neighborhood park, providing usable acreage for neighborhood park purposes (5.0 acres) and for community park uses (4.8 acres).

Recreational facilities in the park should be selected to meet the needs of the anticipated residential population and of the personnel from the nearby industrial park and office complexes. Facilities should also be coordinated with the elementary school playground to avoid unnecessary duplication. Recommended facilities are a picnic area, a children’s play apparatus area, a lawn area, a multi- purpose play field and possibly restrooms. Auto and bicycle parking should be provided. This site will sit next to the creek and parkway and will double as a wildlife corridor between Chicarita Creek and the hills to the east. Slopes to the east of the site should be contour-graded and landscaped to blend with the natural vegetation.

In the event the northern elementary school site is not utilized, the north park should be expanded to provide a total of 14.8 usable acres for recreational purposes. The remainder of the school site should be devoted to very low-density residential uses (R1-5000 zoning).

  • Southern Neighborhood Park

In Sabre Springs South, a 5.5-acre neighborhood park (Parcel 37) is planned, providing a minimum of five usable acres. This site functions as a transition between the southeast central open space area and Peñasquitos Creek. Vehicular access to the park is proposed via a local street or park road running from the west leg of the southeast collector loop. The road will provide access to the park and Parcel 36. A bicycle-pedestrian path south of the elementary school and an equestrian trail along the edge of the park will provide additional access.

This park is primarily intended to serve community residents in Sabre Springs South and recreational facilities should be selected to meet their needs. Facilities should also be coordinated with the elementary school playground to avoid unnecessary duplication. Auto and bicycle parking should be provided. Portions

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