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consistent and trusted purchasing process, so that there’s a lower barrier to entry and reduced fric- tion in that payment process. Facebook’s involve- ment solves those problems for consumers.” When Digital Chocolate switched to Facebook Credits, he adds, the company was in a period of tremendous inernational growth: “So we knew they were go- ing to work on the problems we found ourselves dealing with, like finding monetization partners internationally. Facebook usage is 70% interna- tional and Facebook does all the heavy lifting in terms of integrating and localizing payments; so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.”


From the start, Digital Chocolate wanted to integrate Facebook Credits seamlessly into the gaming experience. “The emphasis is on a very simple purchasing experience for the consumer,” says Loia. “It needs to be linked to the user interface and it needs to be immersive. You don’t want to leave the game to buy your currency; you want a one-step, continuous process into the Facebook Credits purchase dialogue. And that’s what we achieved.”


  • Monetization is up for Digital Chocolate since the integration of Facebook Credits – “The im- pact of credits has been extremely positive,” reports Loia.

  • When Digital Chocolate switched to Facebook Credits, consumer contact rates or reports of billing issues immediately fell by over 60%. “Switching also dramatically reduced the over- head of multiple payments and monetization partners, allowing us to reinvest our time and resources in improving our games,” says Loia.

  • Since switching to Facebook Credits, aver- age revenue per paying customer for Digital Chocolate has tripled.

  • The conversion rate for consumers post-Face- book Credits (after June, 2010) was 4 times the conversion rate of users pre-Facebook Credits.

“We’ll be working closely with Facebook on future objectives to help mutually drive user activity and create a great experience for Facebook users,” says Loia. “Social interaction in games is here to stay and Facebook is the platform to explore its poten- tial. After all, you’d be hard-pressed to find another group of more than 200 million game-players all gathered together in one place.”

Facebook Credits Case Study

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