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Training Modules

CIT training prepares the instructor to teach all of the CIS modules. However, in CIS training only Modules 1 and 2 are required elements. Other modules may be covered based on your company’s specific needs.

  • Purpose and application of IPC-A-610

  • Hardware installation

  • Soldering criteria, including lead-free connections

  • Soldered connection requirements for connecting to terminals

  • Soldered connection requirements for plated-through holes

  • Surface mounting criteria for chip components, leadless and leaded chip carriers

  • Swaged hardware, and heatsink requirements of mechanical assemblies

  • Component mounting criteria for DIPS, socket pins and card edge connectors

  • Jumper wire assembly requirements

  • Solder fillet dimensional criteria for all major SMT component groups

  • Soldering, such as tombstoning, dewetting, voiding and more

  • Criteria for component damage, laminate conditions, cleaning and coating

CIT Program Extras

To help assure CIT candidates’ future success as trainers, the CIT program also includes:

  • How to establish and maintain the integrity of the certification program

  • Steps to effectively use the lesson plan and materials

  • Tips on inspection

  • Essential trainer skills

  • Instructor guide with lesson plans, reference material and training guidance

  • A copy of IPC-A-610D, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

  • Written tests with answer keys

  • A CD-ROM with visual aids and electronic copies of training-support forms

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Make an investment in continuous improvement and quality enhancement today — with the IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies Training and Certification Program!

“When we approach a new custome , the fact that our people have been certified to IPC-A-610 is a big selling point. It gives the customer confidence in our ability to provide quality product to the industry’s highest standards.”

Rich Breault President Lightspeed Manufacturing

“Training staff to IPC-A-610 is a central part of our ongoing training program. The IPC course has helped to raise quality awareness throughout our manufacturing process and provided a sound basis for further specialized training. Amongst the reasons S2S has chosen to pursue the IPC standard is that companies are increasingly asking for this in advance of any further discussions. The company also realizes that training in general provides many benefits, including staff confidence and, consequentl , better staff retention.”

Alan Dukinfield Managing Director S2S Electronics – UK

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