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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Empa staff publish in many national and international scientific and technical journals as well as in daily press and other special organs. Please note that the list below represents, on the one hand, the full number of SCI/E publications, but only a selection of all other publications or public relations activities on the other hand.

Special Topics

Ghazi Wakili, K. (guest editor)

Editorial – Research that inspires 125 years of Empa. The present special issue of Energy and Buildings is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Empa. Energy and buildings 2005, 37(11), 1105-1106 Optics in Switzerland: development of lasers, optical devices and production technology (editorial to part I, p. 247–414). Optics and lasers in engineering 2005, 43(3-5), 247-249

Hack, E. (guest editor)

Hack, E. (guest editor)

Optics in Switzerland: measurement procedures and applications (editorial to part II, p. 415–617). Optics and lasers in engineering 2005, 43(3–5), 415–418

Meier, U.

Empa: 125 Jahre in Zürich und Dübendorf. Publ. in: Heimatbuch Dübendorf, Hg.: Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein Dübendorf, 59. Jahrbuch, 2005, p. 75–88

Muster, W./Schlapbach, L. (guest editors)

Editorial – The present issue of Advanced Engineering Materials is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Empa. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 267–268

Richner, P. (guest editor)

Editorial – The present issue of Materials and Structures is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Empa. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 505

Advanced Materials and Surfaces

Barna, E./Bommer, B./ Kürsteiner, J./Vital, A./ Von Trzebiatowski, O./ Koch, W./Schmid, B./ Graule, T.J.

Innovative, scratch proof nanocomposites for clear coatings. Composites Part A 2005, 36(4), 473–480 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Advanced Materials and Surfaces», Lab «High Performance Ceramics»)

Brunner, S./Richner, P./ Müller, U./Guseva, O.

Accelerated weathering device for service life prediction for organic coatings. Polymer testing 2005, 24(1), 25–31

Faller, M./Buzzi, St./ Von Trzebiatowski, O.

Corrosion behaviour of glass-bead blasted stainless steel sheets and other sheets with dull surface finish in a chloride solution. Materials and corrosion – Werkstoffe und Korrosion 2005, 56(6), 373–378

Faller, M./Reiss, D.

Runoff behaviour of metallic materials used for roofs and façades – a 5-year field exposure study in Switzerland. Materials and corrosion – Werkstoffe und Korrosion 2005, 56(4), 244–249

Franks, W./Schenker, I./ Schmutz, P./Hierlemann, A.

Impedance characterization and modeling of electrodes for biomedical applications. IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 2005, 52(7), 1295–1302

Corrosion and Materials Integrity


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