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Concrete/Construction Chemistry

Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Weber, T./Jóhannesson, G.

An optimized RC-network for thermally activated building components. Building and environment 2005, 40(1), 1–14

Weber, T./Jóhannesson, G./ Koschenz, M./Lehmann, B./ Baumgartner, T.

Validation of a FEM-program (frequency-domain) and a simplified RC-model (time-domain) for thermally activated building component systems (TABS) using measurement data. Energy and buildings 2005, 37(7), 707–724

Würsch, M.

Klassierungssystem zum Brandverhalten verschiedener Holzarten. Diplomarbeit an der Hochschule für Architektur, Bau und Holz, Biel, 2005, 73 p. + appendix.

Xiao, S.-J./Wieland, M./

Surface reactions of 4-aminothiophenol with heterobifunctional crosslinkers bearing both

Brunner, S. (publ. outside of Empa) succinimidyl ester and maleimide for biomolecular immobilization. Journal of colloid and interface

science 2005, 290(1), 172–183

Zimmermann, M./Althaus, H.-J./ Haas, A.

Benchmarks for sustainable construction. A contribution to develop a standard. Energy and buildings 2005, 37(11), 1147–1157

Zimmermann, M.

Geeignete Systeme für effizientes Kühlen. Erneuerbare Energie – Zeitschrift für eine nachhaltige Energiezukunft 2005, (2), 21–24

Zimmermann, M.

Passivhaus und 2000-Watt-Gesellschaft – Welches sind die Herausforderungen einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung? In: 9. Passivhaustagung, Ludwigshafen, Germany, April 29–30, 2005, p. 303–310

Zimmermann, M. (editor)

7th Int. vacuum insulation symposium. Duebendorf, Switzerland, September 28–29, 2005, 205 p.

Hesselbarth, D./Kaufmann, J.

Properties of short fiber reinforced cement paste for concrete tubes produced by centrifugation method. In: Thin reinforced cement-based products and construction systems, ed.: Dubey, A. Michigan: American Concrete Institute, 2004. ACI SP-224, p. 113–126. ISBN 0-87031-159-X

Hoffmann, C.

Recyclingbeton zwischen Ökologie und Qualität. tec21 2005, 130(3-4), 24–27

Hoffmann, C.

Recyclingbeton. Schweizer Baujournal 2005, 70(3), 72–73

Jenni, A./Holzer, L./ Zurbriggen, R./Herwegh, M.

Influence of polymers on microstructure and adhesive strength of cementitious tile adhesive mortars. Cement and concrete research 2005, 35(1), 35–50

Kaufmann, J./Hesselbarth, D./ Moser, K./Terrasi, G.P.

Application of fiber reinforced high performance composites in spun-cast elements. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 549–555

Leemann, A./Thalmann, C./ Studer, W.

Alkali-aggregate reaction in Swiss tunnels. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(277), 381–386

Leemann, A./Holzer, L.

Alkali-aggregate reaction – identifying reactive silicates in complex aggregates by ESEM observation of dissolution features. Cement & concrete composites 2005, 27(7–8), 796–801

Leemann, A./Hoffmann, C.

Properties of self-compacting and conventional concrete – differences and similarities. Magazine of concrete research 2005, 57(6), 315–319

Lothenbach, B.

Erkenntnisse aus einer Untersuchung an Betonkörpern bei heissem Wetter. Auf die Nachbehandlung kommt es an. Dimension 2005, (1), 8–9

Moser, K./Bergamini, A./ Christen, R./Czaderski, Ch.

Feasibility of concrete prestressed by shape memory alloy short fibers. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 593–600

Obst, M./Gasser, Ph./ Mavrocordatos, D./Dittrich, M.

TEM-specimen preparation of cell/mineral interfaces by focused ion beam milling. American mineralogist 2005, 90(8–9), 1270–1277

Romer, M.

Effect of moisture and concrete composition on the Torrent permeability measurement. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 541–547

Romer, M.

Comparative test – Part I – Comparative test of 'penetrability' methods. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(284), 895–906

Turkulin, H./Holzer, L./ Richter, K./Sell, J.

Application of the ESEM technique in wood research: part I. Optimization of imaging parameters and working conditions. Wood and Fiber Science 2005, 37(4), 552–564 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Civil and Mechanical Engineering», Lab «Wood»)

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