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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Road Engineering/ Sealing Components

Canestrari, F./Ferrotti, G./ Partl, M.N./Santagata, E.

Advanced testing and characterization of interlayer shear resistance. Paper presented at the 84th Transportation Research Board annual meeting, Washington, DC, USA, January 9–13, 2005. Publ. in: Transportation research record 2005, no. 1929 (Dec.), 69–78

Gubler, R.

Im Land der Brücken: Der Beitrag von Forschung und Normierung. Strasse und Verkehr 2005, 91(4), 24–27

Gubler, R./Partl, M.N./ Canestrari, F./Grilli, A.

Influence of water and temperature on mechanical properties of selected asphalt pavements. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 523–532

Hean, S./Partl, M.N.

Performance of hot applied joint sealants on a concrete motorway. In: 59th Annual RILEM week: int. conference on concrete and reinforced concrete (ICCRC 2005), Moscow, Russia, September 5–9, 2005, p.124–132

Hugenschmidt, J.

Assessment of the quality of radar results on bridge decks. In: 11th European meeting of environmental and engineering geophysics, Palermo, Italy, September 4–7, 2005, A042, 4 p.

Poulikakos, L.D./Heutschi, K./ Anderegg, P./Calderara, R./ Doupal, E./Siegrist, R./Partl, M.N.

Determination of the environmental footprint of freight vehicles. In: 4th Int. conference on Weigh-In- Motion (ICWIM4), Taipei, Taiwan, February 20–22, 2005, p. 189–197

Raab, Ch./Partl, M.N.

Mechanical resistance of thin surfacings on asphalt pavements. In: Fourth int. symposium on maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements and technological control (Mairepav 4), Belfast, Northern Ireland, August 18–19, CD, 9 p.

Raab, Ch./Partl, M.N./ Jenkins, K./Hugo, F.

Determination of rutting and water susceptibility of selected pavement materials using MMLS3. In: 7th Int. conference on the bearing capacity of roads, railways and airfields, Trondheim, Norway, June 27–29, 2005, 10 p.

Raab, Ch./Partl, M.N./ Anderegg, P./Brönnimann, R.

A LTPP study with a new device for vertical deformation measurements. International journal of pavement engineering 2005, 6(3), 211–216

Sokolov, K./Gubler, R./Partl, M.N. Extended numerical modeling and application of the coaxial shear test for asphalt pavements. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 515–522

Sokolov, K./Stimolo, M./ Burger, H.M./Partl, M.N.

Evaluation of road safety installations with a model rutting tester. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 533–540

Structural Engineering

Bergamini, A./Christen, R./ Motavalli, M.

Electrostatic tuning of the bending stiffness of simple, slender multilayer composite structures. In: 12th Int. symposium on smart structures and materials 2005: damping and isolation, San Diego, CA, USA, March 6–10, 2005. Spie proceedings series, vol. 5760, p. 152–163

Bergamini, A./Motavalli, M.

Composite materials, damping, monitoring: a comprehensive approach to the safety of civil engineering structures at Empa. In: 2nd Int. conference on structural health monitoring of intelligent infrastructure (SHMII -2'2005), Shenzhen, China, vol. 2, p. 1437–1443

Christen, R./Bergamini, A./ Ghazi Wakili, K.

Full-scale, low-temperature mechanical testing of prestressing systems. Experimental mechanics 2005, 45(1), 96–100

Gsell, D.

Empa entwickelt adaptive Schrägseilbrücke. Baublatt 2005, 116(17), 14–16

Gsell, D./Feltrin, G./Motavalli, M. Identification of elastic material properties of solid wood panels. In: Int. conference on experimental vibration analysis for civil engineering structures (EVACES 2005), Bordeaux, France, October 26–28, 2005, p. 497–504

Hejll, A./Täljsten, B./Motavalli, M. Large scale hybrid FRP composite girders for use in bridge structures – theory, test and field

application. Composites Part B 2005, 36(8), 573–585

Huth, O./Feltrin, G./Maeck, J./ Kilic, N./Motavalli, M.

Damage identification using modal data: experiences on a prestressed concrete bridge. Journal of structural engineering – ASCE 2005, 131(12), 1898–1910

Huth, O./Feltrin, G./Motavalli, M. Schadensdiagnose mit modalen Parametern an einer Spannbetonbrücke. Der Bauingenieur 2005,

(5), 16–24

Janke, L./Czaderski, Ch./ Motavalli, M./Ruth, J.

Applications of shape memory alloys in civil engineering structures

Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 578–592

  • Overview, limits and new ideas.

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