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Electronics/Metrology/ Reliability

Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Heutschi, K.

SonRoad: Neues Schweizer Strassenlärmmodell. Zeitschrift für Lärmbekämpfung 2005, 52(6), 174–179

Heutschi, K./Horvath, M./ Hofmann, J.

Simulation of ground impedance in finite difference time domain calculations of outdoor sound propagation. Acta acustica united with acustica 2005, 91(1), 35–40

Hofmann, J./Heutschi, K.

An engineering model for sound pressure in shadow zones based on numerical simulations. Acta acustica united with acustica 2005, 91(4), 661–670

Mao, Q./Pietrzko, S.J.

Control of sound transmission throug double wall partitions using optimally tuned Helmholtz resonators. Acta acustica united with acustica 2005, 91(4), 723–731

Pietrzko, S.J./Moll, P.

Model based control of acoustical and vibratory systems. In: II (second) ECCOMAS thematic conference on smart structures and materials, Lisbon, Portugal, July 18–21, 2005, 18 p.

Poulikakos, L.D./Heutschi, K./ Anderegg, P./Calderara, R./

Determination of the environmental footprint of freight vehicles. In: 4th Int. conference on Weigh-In- Motion (ICWIM4), Taipei, Taiwan, February 20–22, 2005, p. 189–197 (second entry; for main entry,

Doupal, E./Siegrist, R./Partl, M.N. see under first author in Dept «Civil and Mechanical Engineering», Lab «Road Engineering/Sealing Components»)

Thomann, G./Bütikofer, R./ Krebs, W.

Uncertainty of measured and calculated aircraft noise. In: Int. INCE Symposium on managing uncertainties in noise measurements and prediction, a new challenge for acousticians. Le Mans, France, June 27–29, 2005, 10 p.

Wunderli, J.M.

A measurement procedure for the sound emission of railway sources including source separation. Proceedings of the institution of mechanical engineers part F, journal of rail and rapid transit 2005, 219(3), 125-137

Choi, T.Y./Poulikakos, D./ Tharian, J./Sennhauser, U.

Measurement of thermal conductivity of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes by the 3-ω method. Applied physics letters 2005, 87(1), 013108/1-3

Fasnacht, W./Hack, E./Jauch, V./ Vier Öfen, zwölf Düsen – Archäometallurgie und dreidimensionale Erfassung römischer

Rechenmacher, D./Senn, M./ Vontobel, P.

Schmiedeöfen. Archäologie der Schweiz 2005, 28(1), 20–27 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Mobility and Environment», Lab «Solid State Chemistry and Analyses»)

Gassilloud, R./Ballif, Ch./ Gasser, Ph./Bürki, G./Michler, J.

Deformation mechanisms of silicon during nanoscratching. Physica status solidi (a) 2005, 202(15), 2858–2869 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Advanced Materials and Surfaces», Lab «Materials Technology»)

Grossmann, G./Tharian, J./ Jud. P./Sennhauser, U.

Microstructural investigation of lead-free BGAs soldered with tin-lead solder Soldering & surface mount technology 2005, 17(2), 10-21

Grossmann, G./Jud. P./ Sennhauser, U.

Microstructure and deformation behavior of SnAg3.8Cu0.7 lead-free solder. Publ. in: The world of electronic packaging and system integration, eds: Aschenbrenner, R. and Michel, B. Dresden: DDP Goldenbogen, 2005, p. 285–291. ISBN 3-932434-76-5

Gundu, P.N./Hack, E./Rastogi, P.

«Apodized superresolution» – concept and simulations. Optics communications 2005, 249(1–3), 101–107

Gundu, P.N./Hack, E./Rastogi, P.

High efficient superresolution combination filter with twin LCD spatial light modulators. Optics express 2005, 13(8), 2835–2842

Gundu, P.N./Hack, E./Rastogi, P. Superspeckles: a new application of optical superresolution. Optics express 2005, 13(17), 6468–6475

Hack, E./Burguete, R./ Patterson, E.A.

Traceability of optical techniques for strain measurement. In: 4th Int. conference on advances in experimental mechanics IV, Southampton, UK, September 6–8, 2005. Publ. in: applied mechanics and materials, 2005, vol. 3–4, p. 391–396

Hack, E./Gundu, P.N./Rastogi, P. Adaptive correction to the speckle correlation fringes by using a twisted-nematic liquid-crystal display. Applied optics 2005, 44(14), 2772–2781

Hack, E./Leroy, D.

Camera-based monitoring of the rigid-body displacement of a mandrel in superconducting cable production. Optics and lasers in engineering 2005, 43(3–5), 455–474

Heggli, M./Etter, T./Wyss, P./ Uggowitzer, P.J./Gusev, A.A.

Approaching representative volume element size in interpenetrating phase composites. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(4), 225–229

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