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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Jacob, P. Jacob, P./Reiner, J.C.

RFID – drahtlose Identifikation; eine Technologie mit Potential. Bulletin SEV/VSE 2005, 96(23), 9–12 Assembly processes – a surface electrostatic discharge killer for devices and a FA challenge. Electronic device failure analysis. 2005, 7(2), 6–12

Jacob, P./Thiemann, U./ Reiner, J.C.

Electrostatic discharge directly to the chip surface, caused by automatic post-wafer processing. Microelectronics reliability 2005, 45(7–8), 1174–1180

Jud. P./Grossmann, G./ Sennhauser, U./Uggowitzer, P.J.

Local creep in SnAg3.8Cu0.7 lead-free solder. Journal of electronic materials 2005, 34(9), 1206–1214

Jud. P./Nellen, P.M./ Sennhauser, U.

Micromachining by focused ion beam (FIB) for materials characterization. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 384–388

Kenel, A./Nellen, P.M./Frank, A./ Marti, P.

Reinforcing steel strains measured by Bragg grating sensors. Journal of materials in civil engineering 2005, 17(4), 423–430

Klotz, U.E./Henderson, M.B./ Wilcock, I.M./Davies, S./ Janschek, P./Roth, M./ Gasser, Ph./McColvin, G.

Manufacture and microstructural characterisation of bimetallic gas turbine discs. Materials science and technology 2005, 21(2), 218–224 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Advanced Materials and Surfaces», Lab «Joining and Interface Technology»)

Kräuchi, Ph./Wäger, P.A./ Eugster, M./Grossmann, G./ Hilty, L.

End-of-life impacts of pervasive computing. Are RFID tags a threat to waste management processes? IEEE technology and society magazine 2005, 24(1), 45–53 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Information, Reliability and Simulation Technology», Lab «Technology and Society»)

Lüthi, Th.

Menschliche Einflussfaktoren auf das Erkennen von Anzeigen bei bildgebenden Systemen. In: Jahrestagung 2005 der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung, Germany, Rostock, May 2–4, 2005, DGZfP-Berichtsband 94, CD, Vortrag 56, 5 p.

Nellen, P.M./Callegari, V./ Brönnimann, R./Sennhauser, U.

FIB-milling of photonic structures and sputtering simulation. In: 31st Int. conference on micro- and nano-engineering (MNE 2005), Vienna, Austria, September 19–22, 2005, 2 p.

Raab, Ch./Partl, M.N./ Anderegg, P./Brönnimann, R.

A LTPP study with a new device for vertical deformation measurements. International journal of pavement engineering 2005, 6(3), 211–216 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Civil and Mechanical Engineering», Lab «Road Engineering/Sealing Components»)

Romanyuk, A./Oelhafen, P./ Steiner, R./Nellen, P.M./ Reiner, J.C./Melnik, V.

Effect of in situ ultrasonic treatment on tungsten surface oxidation. Surface Science 2005, 595(1–3), 35–39

Scheuerlein, C./Gasser, Ph./ Jacob, P./Leroy, D./Oberli, L./ Taborelli, M.

The effect of CuSn intermetallics on the interstrand contact resistance in superconducting cables for the large hadron collider. Journal of applied physics 2005, 97(3), 033909/1–7

Thurner, Ph./Müller, R./ Raeber, G./Sennhauser, U./

3D morphology of cell cultures: a quantitative approach using micrometer synchrotron light tomography. Microscopy research and technique 2005, 66(6), 289–298

Hubbell, J.A.

Wyss, P./Thurner, Ph./

Sample handler for x-ray tomographic microscopy and image-guided failure assessment. Review of

Brönnimann, R./Sennhauser, U./ scientific instruments 2005, 76(7), 076106/1–3 Stampanoni, M./Abela, R./ Müller, R.

Zhou, L./Grover, W.D.

A theory for setting the «Safety Margin» on availability guarantees in an SLA. In: 5th Int. workshop on design of reliable communication networks (DRCN 2005), Island of Ischia, Italy, October 16–19, 2005, 7 p.

Media Technology

Giesen, J./Schuberth, E./ Simon, K./Zolliker, P.

Toward image-dependent gamut mapping: fast and accurate gamut boundary determination. In: Color Imaging X: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications. San Jose, California, 16.–20. January 2005. Proc. SPIE Vol. 5667, p. 201–210, ISBN 0-8194-5640-3

Zolliker, P./Dätwyler, M./ Simon, K.

Continuity of gamut mapping algorithms. In: Color Imaging X: Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications. San Jose, California, 16.–20. January 2005, Proc. SPIE Vol. 5667, p. 220–233, ISBN 0-8194-5640-3

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