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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Heeb, N.V./Saxer, C.J./ Forss, A.-M.

Ammoniak-Emissionen von benzinbetriebenen Euro-3 Personenwagen. CI-MS-Untersuchungen an 12 G-Kat-Fahrzeugen der Jahrgänge 2000–2003 (EURO-3), im Auftrag des BUWAL. Empa Dübendorf, September 2005, 71 p. Empa R&D project no. 203425

Heeb, N.V./Schweizer, W.B./ Kohler, M./Gerecke, A.C.

Structure elucidation hexabromocyclododecanes – a class of compounds with a complex stereochemistry. Chemosphere 2005, 61(1), 65–73

Heeb, N.V./Ulrich, A./ Emmenegger, L./Czerwinski, J./ Mayer, A./Wyser, M.

Secondary emissions risk assessment of diesel particulate traps for heavy duty applications. In: Symposium on int. automotive technology (SIAT 2005), Pune, India, January 19–22, 2005, p. 329–338, SAE technical paper series 2005-26-014

Kohler, M./Tremp, J./ Zennegg, M./Seiler, C./ Minder-Kohler, S./Beck, M./ Lienemann, P./Wegmann, L./ Schmid, P.

Joint sealants: an overlooked diffuse source of polychlorinated biphenyls in buildings. Environmental science & technology 2005, 39(7), 1967–1973

Law, R.J./Kohler, M./Heeb, N.V./ Gerecke, A.C./Schmid, P./ Voorspoels, S./Covaci, A./ Becher, G./Janák, K./ Thomson, C.

Hexabromocyclododecane challenges scientists and regulators. Environmental science & technology 2005, 39(13), 281A-287A

Morf, L.S./Tremp, J./Gloor, R./ Huber, Y./Stengele, M./ Zennegg, M.

Brominated flame retardants in waste electrical and electronic equipment: substance flows in a recycling plant. Environmental science & technology 2005, 39(22), 8691–8699

Saxer, C.J./Wilhelm, P./ Heeb, N.V./Forss, A.-M.

Methan- und Benzol-Emissionen von benzinbetriebenen Euro-2 Personenwagen (Cl-MS- Untersuchungen an 30 G-Kat-Fahrzeugen der Jahrgäne 1996–1998, Euro-2), im Auftrag des BUWAL. Empa Dübendorf, Oktober 2005, 192 p. Empa R&D project no. 740314/3

Schmid, P./Gujer, E./ Zennegg, M./Bucheli, Th.D./ Desaules, A.

Correlation of PCDD/F and PCB concentrations in soil samples from the Swiss soil monitoring network (NABO) to specific parameters of the observation sites. Chemosphere 2005, 58(3), 227–234

Stettler, P./Weilenmann, M./ Forss, A.-M./Mohr, M./ Mattrel, P./Saxer, C.J./Heeb,N.V.

Nachführung der Emissionsgrundlagen Strassenverkehr. Messungen 01-02: Benzinpersonenwagen Euro-0 und Euro-3 sowie Dieselpersonenwagen Euro-2, im Auftrag des BUWAL. Empa Dübendorf, November 2004, 227 p. Empa R&D project no. 202114 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Mobility and Environment», Lab «Internal Combustion Engines»)

Weilenmann, M./Soltic, P./ Saxer, C.J./Forss, A.-M./ Heeb, N.V.

Regulated and nonregulated diesel and gasoline cold start emissions at different temperatures. Atmospheric Environment 2005, 39(13), 2433–2441 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Mobility and Environment», Lab «Internal Combustion Engines»)

Armelao, L./Bleiner, D./ Di Noto, V./Gross, S./Sada, C./ Schubert, U./Tondello, E./ Vonmont, H./Zattin, A.

Ion-, photoelectron- and laser-assisted analytical investigation of nano-structured mixed HfO2-SiO2 and ZrO2-SiO2 thin films. Applied surface science 2005, 249(1–4), 277–294

Balsiger, M./Boissonnas, V./ Senn, M.

Katzenjammer im alten Ägypten. Untersuchungen und Restaurierung einer ägyptischen Bronzekatze. Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung ZKK 2005, 19(1), 103–116

Bleiner, D.

Mathematical modelling of laser-induced particulate formation in direct solid microanalysis. Spectrochimica acta part B 2005, 60(1), 49–64

Bleiner, D./Lienemann, P./ Vonmont, H.

Laser-induced particulate as carrier of analytical information in LA-ICPMS direct solid microanalysis. Talanta 2005, 65(5), 1286–1294

Bleiner, D./Altorfer, H.

A novel gas inlet system for improved aerosol entrainment in laser ablationinductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry 2005, 20(8), 754–756

Solid State Chemistry and Catalysis

Zennegg, M./Brändli, R.C./ Kupper, T./Bucheli, T.D./Gujer, Schmid, P./Stadelmann, F.X./ Tarradellas, J.

PCDD/Fs, PCBs, PBDEs, TBBPA and HBCD in compost and digestate. In: 25th Int. Symposium on

  • E.

    / halogenated environmental organic pollutants and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) – (DIOXIN

    • 2005)

      , Toronto, Canada, August 21–26, 2005, CD, p. 1040–1043

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