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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Gee, I.A./Dobedoe, R.S./

Enhanced fracture toughness by ceramic laminate design. Advances in applied ceramics 2005,

Vann, R./Lewis, M.H./Blugan, G./ 104(3), 103–109 Kübler, J.

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Thermoplastic extrusion to highly-loaded thin green fibres containing Pb(Zr,Ti)O3. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 404–408

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Novel application of ceramic precursors for the fabrication of composites. Journal of the European ceramic society 2005, 25(2–3), 187–192

Holtappels, P./Vogt, U./ Graule, T.J.

Ceramic materials for advanced solid oxide fuel cells. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 292–298

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Failure analysis on a De-NOx catalyst of a large waste burner. Key engineering materials 2005, 290, 78–85

Kürsteiner, J./Bommer, B./ Barna, E./Vital, A./ Von Trzebiatowski, O./ Graule, T.J./Koch, W./Schmid, B.

Kratzfeste Klarlacke mit nanoskaligem Siliziumoxyd. Bautenschutz 2005, (1), 18–23, 2005, (4), 14–19

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Lugovy, M./Slyunyayev, V./ Orlovskaya, N./Blugan, G./ Kübler, J./Lewis, M.

Apparent fracture toughness of Si3N4-based laminates with residual compressive or tensile stresses in surface layers. Acta materialia 2005, 53(2), 289–296

Moser, B./Kübler, J./ Meinhard, H./Muster, W./ Michler, J.

Observation of instabilities during plastic deformation by in-situ SEM indentation experiments. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 388–392 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Advanced Materials and Surfaces», Lab «Materials Technology»)

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Design of Si3N4-based ceramic laminates by the residual stresses. Journal of materials science 2005, 40(20), 5443–5450

Sfeir, J./Vaucher, S./ Holtappels, P./Vogt, U./ Schindler, H.J./Van Herle, J./ Suvorova, E./Buffat, Ph.-A./ Perret, D./Xanthopoulos, N./ Bucheli, O.

Characterization of perovskite powders for cathode and oxygen membranes made by different synthesis routes. Journal of the European ceramic society 2005, 25(12), 1991–1995 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Advanced Materials and Surfaces», Lab «Materials Technology»)

Thünemann, M./Beffort, O./ Kleiner, S./Vogt, U.

Effect of processing method on properties of preceramic polymer-bound SiC preforms and Al-based MMCs. Cfi-Ceramic forum international 2005, 82(13), 240–244

Verbraeken, M.C./ Boukamp, B.A./Blank, D.H.A./ Holtappels, P./Vogt, U.

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Vogt, U./Brönstrup, A./ Thünemann, M./Durisch, W./ Tobler, W./Graule, T.J.

Poröse Yb2O3 Keramikemitter für die Thermophotovoltaik. Cfi-Ceramic forum international 2005, 82(13), 231–234

Wegmann, M./Heiber, J./ Clemens, F./Graule, T.J./ Hülsenberg, D./Schuster, K.

Forming of noncircular cross-section SiO2 glass fibers. Glass science and technology 2005, 78(2), 69–75

Zürcher, S./Graule, T.J.

Influence of dispersant structure on the rheological properties of highly-concentrated zirconia dispersions. Journal of the European ceramic society 2005, 25(6), 863–873

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