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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Hueppe, M./Schlierf, U./ Gassilloud, R./Michler, J./ Schmuki, P.

Electrochemical structuring of mechanically activated n-InP(100) surfaces. Physica status solidi (c) 2005, 2(9), 3359–3364

Jaeggi, Ch./Kern, P./Michler, J./ Zehnder, Th./Siegenthaler, H.

Anodic thin films on titanium used as masks for surface micropatterning of biomedical devices. Surface and coatings technology 2005, 200(5–6), 1913–1919

Kleiner, S./Bertocco, F./ Khalid, F.A./Beffort, O.

Reactively synthesized nanostructured PM aluminium composite – microstructure stability and elevated temperature hardness response. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 380–383

Kleiner, S./Bertocco, F./ Khalid, F.A./Beffort, O.

Decomposition of process control agent during mechanical milling and its influence on displacement reactions in the Al-TiO2 system. Materials chemistry and physics 2005, 89(2–3), 362–366

Leparoux, M./Schreuders, C./ Shin, J.-W./Siegmann, S.

Induction plasma synthesis of carbide nanopowders. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 349–353

Margadant, N./Büchler, M.

A novel laterally resolving method for characterizing the defect structure in thermal-sprayed coatings. Corrosion 2005, 61(10), 923–932

Michler, J./Rabe, R./ Bucaille, J.-L./Moser, B./ Schwaller, P./Breguet, J.-M.

Investigation of wear mechanisms through in situ observation during microscratching inside the scanning electron microscope. Wear 2005, 259(1–6), 18–26

Moser, B./Kübler, J./ Meinhard, H./Muster, W./ Michler, J.

Observation of instabilities during plastic deformation by in-situ SEM indentation experiments. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 388–392

Moser, B./Weber, L./ Mortensen, A

Damage accumulation during cyclic loading of a continuous alumina fibre reinforced aluminium composite. Scripta materialia 2005, 53(10), 1111–1115

Rossoll, A./Moser, B./ Mortensen, A.

Longitudinal deformation of fibre reinforced metals: influence of fibre distribution on stiffness and flow stress. Mechanics of materials 2005, 37(1), 1–17

Schwaller, P./Haug, F.-J./ Michler, J./Patscheider, J.

Nanocomposite hard coatings: deposition issues and validation of their mechanical properties. Advanced engineering materials 2005, 7(5), 318–322

Schwaller, P./Fischer, A./ Thapliyal, R./Aeberhard, M./ Michler, J./Hug, H.J.

Single-target DC-pulsed deposition of lead zirconate titanate thin films: Investigation of the chemical and mechanical properties by glow-discharge optical emission spectroscopy and nanoindentation. Surface and coatings technology 2005, 200(5–6), 1566–1571

Sfeir, J./Vaucher, S./ Holtappels, P./Vogt, U./ Schindler, H.J./Van Herle, J./ Suvorova, E./Buffat, Ph.-A./ Perret, D./Xanthopoulos, N./ Bucheli, O.

Characterization of perovskite powders for cathode and oxygen membranes made by different synthesis routes. Journal of the European ceramic society 2005, 25(12), 1991-1995

Siegmann, S.

News from institutes and research centers around the world: Empa – Materials science and technology. Journal of thermal spray technology 2005, 14(1), 9–13

Siegmann, S./Leparoux, M./ Rohr, L.

The role of nano-particles in the field of thermal spray coating technology. In: Opto-Ireland 2005 on nanotechnology and nanophotonics, Dublin, Ireland, April 4–6, 2005, Spie proceedings series, vol.

5824, p. 224–231

Siegmann, S./Dvorak, M./ Grützner, H./Nassenstein, K./ Walter, A.

Shear testing for characterizing the adhesive and cohesive coating strength without the need of adhesives. In: Int. thermal spray conference and exposition (ITSC 2005), Basel, Switzerland, May 2–4, 2005, p. 823–829

Siegmann, S./Leparoux, M./ Schreuders, C./Shin, J.-W./ Rohr, L.

Quenching the inductively coupled thermal plasma for nanoparticle synthesis. In: 17th Int. symposium on plasma chemistry (ISPC17), Toronto, Canada, August 7–12, 2005, 5 p.

Thapliyal, R./Schwaller, P./ Amberg, M./Haug, F.-J./ Fortunato, G./Hegemann, D./ Hug, H.J./Fischer, A.

PZT thin film deposition on Si wafers and optical fibers prepared by reactive DC pulsed magnetron sputtering from a single metallic target. Surface and coatings technology 2005, 200(1–4), 1051–1056 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Materials and Systems for Protection and Wellbeing of the Human Body», Lab «Functional Fibers and Textiles»)

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