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Empa Activities 2005 Publications

Kubler, L./Aït-Mansour, K./ Diani, M./Dentel, D./ Bischoff, J.-L./Derivaz, M.

Bidimensional intercalation of Ge between SiC(0001) and a heteroepitaxial graphite top layer. Physical review B 2005, 72(11), 115319/1–10

Minoux, E./Gröning, O./ Teo, K.B.K./Dalal, S.H./ Gangloff, L./Schnell, J.-P./ Hudanski, L./Bu, I.Y.Y./ Vincent, P./Legagneux, P./ Amaratunga, G.A.J./Milne, W.I.

Achieving high-current carbon nanotube emitters. Nano letters 2005, 5(11), 2135–2138

Romer, S./Behzadi, B./Fasel, R./ Ernst, K.-H.

Homochiral conglomerates and racemic crystals in two dimensions: tartaric acid on Cu(110). Chemistry-a European journal 2005, 11(14), 4149–4154 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Advanced Materials and Surfaces», Lab «Nanoscale Materials Science»)

Ruffieux, P./Melle-Franco, M./ Gröning, O./Bielmann, M./ Zerbetto, F./Gröning, P.

Charge-density oscillation on graphite induced by the interference of electron waves. Physical review B 2005, 71(15), 153403/1–4

Tamai, A./Seitsonen, A.P./ Fasel, R./Shen, Z.-X./ Osterwalder, J./Greber, T.

Doping-induced reorientation of C60 085421-1-5

molecules on Ag(111). Physical review B 2005, 72(8),

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Brunner, A.J./Barbezat, M./ Huber, Ch./Flüeler, P.

The potential of active fiber composites made from piezoelectric fibers for actuating and sensing applications in structural health monitoring. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 561–567 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Materials and Systems for Civil Engineering», Lab «Materials and Engineering»)

Brunner, A.J./Flüeler, P.

Prospects in fracture mechanics of 'engineering' laminates. Engineering fracture mechanics 2005, 72(6), 899–908 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept «Materials and Systems for Civil Engineering», Lab «Materials and Engineering»)

Brunner, S./Richner, P./ Müller, U./Guseva, O.

Accelerated weathering device for service life prediction for organic coatings. Polymer testing 2005, 24(1), 25–31 (second entry; for main entry, see under first author in Dept "Advanced Materials and Surfaces", Lab "Corrosion and Materials Integrity")

Farshad, M.

Determination of the long-term hydrostatic strength of multilayer pipes. Polymer testing 2005, 24(8), 1041–1048

Farshad, M.

Rohrberechnungsprogramm. Neue Version des ADAP. Gas-Wasser-Abwasser 2004, 84(12), 899–911

Farshad, M./Bianchi, S. Löwe, Ch.

Long-term extrapolation of properties of polymeric waterproofing membranes. Materials and Structures 2005, 38(279), 557-560

Farshad, M./Le Roux, M.

Compression properties of magnetostrictive polymer composite gels. Polymer testing 2005, 24(2), 163–168

Farshad, M./Lübben, J.F./ Halbeisen, M./Hufenus, R./ Le Roux, M./Clemens, F.

Magnetostrictive polymer composite fibers. In: 5th Int. conference on intelligent processing and manufacturing of materials (IPMM'05), Monterey, CA, USA, July 19–23, 2005

Farshad, M./Necola, A./ Flüeler, P.

Service life prediction of GFRP pipes in aggressive environments. In: Second int. conference on FRP composites in civil engineering (CICE 2004), Adelaide, Australia, December 8-10, 2004, p. 931–936

Meier, U.

An introduction to the CFRP stays of the Stork bridge in Winterthur. In: COBRAE conference 2005 on bridge engineering with polymer composites, Empa Dübendorf, Switzerland, March 30–April 1, 2005, 7 p.

Meier, U.

Erfahrungen mit der Anwendung von CFK im Bauwesen. Publ. in: Faserverbundwerkstoffe: Innovationen im Bauwesen, Beiträge aus Praxis und Wissenschaft, Hg: F. Dehn, K. Holschemacher und N.V. Tue. Berlin: Bauwerk Verlag, 2005, p. 19–38. ISBN 3-89932-111-1

Meier, U./Stöcklin, I.

A novel carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) system for post-strengthening. In: Int. conference on concrete repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting (ICCRRR 2005), Cape Town, South Africa, November 21-23, 2005. Leiden: Taylor & Francis/Balkema, 2006, p. 477–479 (extended abstract; full length paper on enclosed CD). ISBN 0-415-39656-5

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