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4 To activate the Easy-start feature, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.You will hear 2 beeps to indicate that the Easy-start feature has been activated.

Using the Easy-start feature beyond the initial ramp-up period is not recommended and reduces the effectiveness of your Sonicare toothbrush in removing plaque.

The Easy-start feature should be deactivated and the handle fully charged when Sonicare is used in clinical trials.

Smartimer 2-minute timer



All Sonicare models come with the Smartimer feature, which automatically sets the brushing time to the 2 minutes recommended by dental professionals. After 2 minutes the Smartimer will automatically turn off the toothbrush.




If you wish to pause or stop brushing during your 2-minute cycle, press the power button. Press the power button again and the Smartimer will pick up where you left off. The Smartimer will automatically reset to the beginning of a 2-minute cycle if: brushing is paused for 30 seconds or longer;


the handle is returned to the charger base.

Quadpacer 30-second interval timer (available on select models).


Quadpacer makes sure that you brush all sections of your mouth evenly and thoroughly.At 30, 60 and 90 seconds, you will hear a short beep and a pause in brushing action. This is your signal to move to the next section of your mouth.

Battery charge indicator (available on select models).


If your Sonicare has a low charge, you will hear 5 beeps

after you have brushed your teeth for 2 minutes and the charge indicator light will flash rapidly. When you hear the low charge indication, you have 3 or fewer 2-minute brushings left.

1 Place the handle in the charger base (with the power button facing towards you) to begin the recharging process. The charge indicator light flashes slowly when the handle is in the charger base to signal charging is in progress. When the Sonicare is fully charged, the charge indicator light is constantly on (not flashing), signaling that your Sonicare is ready for use. When not in use, keep your Sonicare in the charger base to maintain a full battery charge. , ,

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