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, When the handle is placed incorrectly in the charger, the charge indicator light may still illuminate, but charging will not take place. Handles of other Sonicare models do not fit in this charger and will therefore not charge effectively. Do not attempt to force a handle into this charger as this will cause damage.

Using the appliance

Useful tips




Place the brush head in your mouth before turning on your Sonicare and keep your mouth closed during brushing, otherwise toothpaste may splatter. You may experience a slight tickling or tingling sensation when using an electronic toothbrush such as Sonicare for the first time.As you become accustomed to brushing with Sonicare this sensitivity will diminish. A fully charged Sonicare will provide approximately 2 weeks of typical use (2 minutes of brushing twice a day), making it easy to travel without the charger.

Remember that voltage converters and plug adapters DO NOT guarantee voltage compatibility.Always check for voltage compatibility.

Brushing technique Follow these simple steps to maximize your brushing experience.

1 Before turning the Sonicare on, place the bristles of the brush head on your gumline at a 45-degree angle.

2 Hold the handle with a light grip, turn the Sonicare on, and gently move the bristles in a small circular motion so the longer bristles reach between your teeth.After a few seconds, glide the bristles to the next section. Continue this routine throughout your 2-minute brushing cycle.

3 To maximize the effectiveness of your Sonicare toothbrush, use light pressure and let the Sonicare toothbrush do the brushing for you. Do not scrub.

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