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Knowledge Workers:

  • Contributes to, and receives support from all directions

  • Represents the employable force that enables

employer(s) goals

Competencies/Skill Sets as Learning Objectives:

  • Contributes to, and receives support from all directions

  • Partnerships between employers, unions, learning institutions, etc.

  • Develops and supports skills training (i.e. essential skills, technology, etc)

Emerging Industry:

  • Contributes to, and receives support from all directions

Such as:

  • Technology change – New technology

– Environment

– Political

– Economic

– etc.

BenefIts of the multI-skIllIng model

There is a synergistic relationship amongst the parties involved on each unique project or each unique workplace that can be used to provide a well coordinated, knowledgeable and value-added approach to work execution.

More broadly, when applied to other occupations, a similarly multi-skilled and coordinated approach to work will result in a level of operational efficiency that will reduce work lead times, save cost and will result in enhanced competitiveness and profitability, whilst affording workers the opportunities to continually upgrade their skills.

The Multi-Skilling Model opens doors to highly progressive, efficient and innovative partnerships between workers and organizations. It will help to deliver the participation, purpose and knowledge that are keys to success in the new green economy.


  • Contributes to, and receives

support from all directions Such as:

  • Research

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • HRM

  • Install

  • Service

  • Maintain

  • etc.

Capacity Building:

  • Ability of the overall to deliver outcome(s)

  • All items in the workforce ecosystem are part of the external/overall environment

  • Research and Development contributes to and receives support from all directions

  • Overall goal is participation

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