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Work Programme to realIze BenefIts of the multI-skIllIng model

The material presented above is a “concept paper”. It is designed to be a beginning point for the more in-depth development of a strategy and action plan to realize the benefits of a Multi-Skilling Model and its application to the electrical and renewable energy sector. The initiators of the concept paper, the CUSW and the OSEA, wish to proceed with the development of the Model in collaboration with complementary partners from the electrical and renewable energy sector. The attached graphic, Workforce Ecosystem, describes the contributor categories of the key stakeholders groups. The success of this initiative will be largely driven by the full engagement of representative from these stakeholder categories. The key steps and outputs are as follows:

1 . A of Leadership representative Group o r g a n i z a t i o n s h a v e b e e n f o r m e d . organizations have a significant impact on The , and

interest in the design and implementation of this capacity building initiative. They include the following: the Aboriginal Human Resources Council, the Canadian Standards Association, Centennial College Energy Institute, Durham College, First Work: Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres, Grand River Employment and Training, Murray’s Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Corporation, The C3 Group, and Toronto Workforce Innovation Group. The leadership group acts as a Steering Committee for this initiative and supports OSEA community power.

2. 3. The Leadership Group’s focus has been on the validation of the concept paper and participants have set governance conditions for the initiative along with the review of the work programme. On the week of October 4th, the Leadership Group, along with a large number of invited participants, will contribute to an OSEA sponsored

4. On October 19th and 20th 2010 40 - 50 sector related individuals/organizations will be invited to an evening session & a one day participatory event called a SearchFx workshop. Invited participants will be offered the opportunity to contribute to the success of the Building Capacity through a Multi-Skilling Model initiative. The outcome of this facilitated event will be the preparation of an Implementation vision and strategy for the Building Capacity through a Multi-Skilling Model, the development of an action plan(s), the setting up of working groups to follow up on implementation as required, identification of resourcing requirements and nominal responsibilities as appropriate. Invited participants to this session will be drawn from the stakeholder categories illustrated on the attached Workforce Ecosystem diagram.

5. In November 2010, the Leadership Group will provide a Call-to-Action in the form of a white paper that will be presented at the 2nd Annual Community Power Conference to be held in Toronto November 15 – 17.

Webinar that will have four objectives: 1) to solicit input into the goals and objective of the initiative, 2) to build an awareness and understanding around the labour challenges confronting the electrical and renewable energy sector in the future 3) to enter into a dialogue with a cross-section of the sector to determine their perspective on the events and conditions that will influence the sector from the perspective of the goals of the initiative as well as 4) to develop a first approximation of a desirable future, operational “picture” for the Multi-Skilling Model

ContaCt InformatIon For more information on the OSEA’s Community Power Planning Services Group contact:

Harry French, Directo , Community Power Services Group at harry@ontario-sea.org t. 416.977.4441 or

Ryan Manchee, Membership Services at ryan@ontario-sea.org t. 416.977.4441 www.ontario-sea.org

Ania Kohinski, Canadian Union of Skilled Workers

  • Green Energy Consultant at akohinski@cogeco.ca

  • t. 905.357.3504


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