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IU This is an abbreviation for ICUMSA Units. ICUMSA is an acronym for the International Committee for Unified Methods of Sugar Analysis.

The unit refers to the ‘colour’ of sugar solutions in terms of the optical density at 420nm of a solution of unit concentration (1gm/ ml) and unit cell length (1cm).

MA/CV Abbreviations of the terms used to define particle size.

MA – Mean Aperture This is the theoretical sieve aperture through which 50% of a dry sugar sample will pass. The higher the MA the larger the mean size of the sugar.

CV – Coefficient of Variance This is a statistical term used to describe the spread of particle sizes in a normal distribution.

Invert Invert Sugar is a mixture of glucose and fructose sugars which originate from sucrose. Small amounts of invert naturally occur in the cane plant. Invert Syrups are made by the deliberate hydrolysis of sugar solutions.

Partially Inverted Syrup is obtained when the hydrolysis is stopped before total inversion, resulting in a mixture of sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Ash The inorganic components of sugar are referred to as ash. The level is normally determined by measuring the conductivity of a sugar solution.

SO2 Sulphur dioxide may be present as a by-product of the raw sugar process. It is normally only at significant levels in the less refined products.

RI – Refractive Index This is a means of measuring the solids content of liquid sugars. A refractometer is used on a solution at 20°C uncorrected.

Solids RI Bx Brix (bx) is equivalent to % solids concentration of a sugar solution on a weight basis. It is normally determined by measuring the refractive index (RI) of the solution. For syrups and treacles, the RI brix (unless corrected) will be slightly different from the true solids %.

BP/EP/USNF Where indicated, our white sugars are able to comply with the British and European Pharmacopoeia (BP/EP) requirements and United States National Formulary (USNF) (apart from use in infusions). Please note however, that we are not able to certify individual batches supplied.

We produce all of our products in a wide range of pack formats from bulk tankers and containers to 25kg bags to liquid pails and drums.

To find out more about the range, product applications or pack formats please contact us on +44 (0)20 7476 4455.

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