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Exam security

Ensuring the integrity of BlackBerry Certification Program material is vital to maintain the value of the cre- dentials you’ve earned. Exam results will be monitored regularly for any abnormalities. If an abnormality is found in a candidate’s results, regardless of the reason, an investigation will be conducted that may result in the candidate’s certification status being removed.

Abnormal results may lead to one or more of the following:

  • Invalidation of scores and/or candidates will be asked to retest, possibly at their own expense

  • Change to pass/fail status or retest requested

  • Revocation of any achieved certifications (including previous exams that are not the violating exam


  • Banning from participation in the program for a specified time period or indefinitely

  • Legal action

The candidate may also be barred from pursuing any further BlackBerry certifications

Cheating includes:

  • Using any unauthorized materials for test preparation

  • Attempting an exam under false pretenses or with the goal of assisting another person

  • Removal of exam items, whether by recording device or memorization.

  • Verbally discussing, posting, or otherwise sharing exam content, or comments on content which may

provide value to others preparing for the exam, whether for a fee or not

  • Providing access of test center personnel to their computer during the exam without a technical is-


  • Soliciting test materials

  • Collusion with test center personnel

BlackBerry Certification materials and exam content is proprietary and confidential property of Research In Motion. Research In Motion does not authorize the recording, copying, distribution or sale of exam con- tent or practice exams. Distribution and/or use of proprietary and confidential content in violation of the BlackBerry Certification Candidate Agreement may void your exam results, jeopardize your certification and result in further action by Research In Motion. Please review the Candidate BlackBerry

BlackBerry Certification Program Guide - Version 1 RIM STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

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